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Workers' Compensation Claims Services

Your employees are one of your most valuable assets. We’re committed to returning injured employees to good health and back to work as soon as possible. Claims services include:

  • Sophisticated analytics to support the adjuster’s expertise as early as First Notice of Loss and to aid in controlling costs and delivering optimal outcomes
  • Specialized workers' compensation fraud and recovery specialists who identify and investigate fraudulent or exaggerated claims and pursue potential recovery opportunities 
  • Real-time, online access to real time claim notes via Claim View, so you can stay up-to-date on the progress of your claim. Please reach out to your claim business consultant or to your local claim office for further information.
  • Managed care savings reports that detail savings across your workers compensation program
  • A comprehensive medical and disability claims management program that offers:
    • Dedicated nurse professionals with 20+ years of industry experience who specialize in workers compensation. They assist with medical management and timely return to work
    • Preferred provider networks focused on occupational injuries that help employees receive timely, appropriate care at a reasonable cost, capturing an additional 13% in savings below fee schedule.
    • A pharmacy benefit management program that ensures appropriate prescribing of drugs and eliminates out-of-pocket expenses for the injured worker, resulting in 18% pharmacy savings and 57% formulary savings via retail card and mail order programs
    • 100% of medical bills reviewed and adjusted against fee schedules or usual and customary guidelines
    • Medical bill repricing processes resulting in an average savings of $0.69 of each dollar billed
    • Medical bill repricing fees expensed at Chubb’s cost, not a percentage of savings, represented 2.3% of gross savings in 2023.

Chubb Healthbeat – The Value of Sharing Vaccination Information with Your Employees

An article that focuses on the significance of providing your business and employees vaccination guidance and information to help address concerns and build confidence as businesses reopen.