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At Chubb, we do everything we can to keep the financial impact of third-party liability claims down and our clients' morale up. That's why we provide access to additional professionals and processes that will help ensure you receive superior representation, fair resolution and prompt settlement of any third-party liability claims against you—all at no additional cost—saving you time and money.

Chubb 4D

Our proprietary Chubb 4D data analytics modeling system is yet another example of our commitment to providing industry-leading service and support. Chubb 4D allows us to efficiently capture and organize unstructured data like detailed claim adjustor notes. By mining this data and combining it with structured data that our highly seasoned claims professionals and risk managers have captured, we are able to see a bigger, more granular claims picture. The result is a keen ability to identify potential opportunities and optimize claims outcomes for workers compensation, casualty bodily injury, employment practices liability and other potential insurance risks your business may face.

Liability Claims Litigation Management

Policyholders covered by a third-party liability policy have access to Chubb’s Litigation Management Unit (LMU), which balances high quality legal services with fiscal responsibility. As such, we'll provide support throughout the litigation process and help coordinate any invoices, fees and expenses, ensuring they are limited to what is reasonable and necessary. Your defense counsel and claims examiner will work with you to achieve resolution through several methods, including arbitrations and mediations.

House Counsel for Liability Claims

Chubb’s House Counsel provides clients facing third-party liability claims with the same high quality and experience as the nation's most prestigious law firms, without the defense costs to match. Our team is made up of experienced attorneys in 15 law offices throughout the United States and Canada who specialize in Financial Lines, Casualty and Recovery cases. As a Chubb policyholder, you may be entitled to defense by House Counsel. Talk to your claims examiner or click here to learn more and see a list of firms and locations.

Recovery & Subrogation

Why should you pay for claims that aren't your fault? The simple answer is you shouldn't. Chubb’s Recovery & Subrogation team is qualified and ready to step in to recover the deductible and money paid for claims when a third party is responsible for your loss. Together with a network of attorneys who are proficient in the process, we will make every attempt to recoup your losses quickly and efficiently.

Special Investigations Unit

If a claim has been made against you that you believe is fraudulent, our Special Investigations Unit (SIU) can often help protect your interests, at no additional cost to you. While our philosophy is all about looking for ways to say “yes” to our clients, we have no problem saying “no” to fraudulent claims. In fact, we will spare no expense when fighting fraud on behalf our policyholders, agents, brokers, shareholders and communities. If you suspect a fraudulent auto, liability, workers compensation or travel accident claim has been made against you, talk to your claims examiner to request a special investigation.