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We make the claims process less of a process.

Dealing with a loss to your property can take its toll. The last thing you want is a long, drawn-out process to file and resolve claims. Fortunately, you don't have to with Chubb. Our dedicated and experienced team will work tirelessly to make sure your claim goes from submitted to resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Get Started: Reporting a Claim

Click here to see the fastest option to report your claim.

Once you submit a claim, you will receive prompt confirmation of receipt and a claim number. A dedicated Chubb representative will work with you on your claim. Throughout the experience, you will work with an expert on your policy who can answer your questions and activate the right services.

Please provide as many details as you can. The more information we have about your claim, the better able we will be to allocate the right resources at the right time, move the claim forward as quickly as possible and work together to minimize the impact of the event.

Assessing the Damage: Our Expertise

No two claims are alike. Be it a large, complex loss or a smaller event, technical expertise is essential. We are renowned for our technical ability and are recognized leaders in areas requiring an in-depth understanding of complex issues. And we empower our local claims teams to make key decisions, meaning quicker answers for you and your business and a streamlined claims experience.

Seamless collaboration with the right experts is key to reaching the best and most efficient outcome for a claim. We have long-standing relationships with external and internal advisers such as lawyers, risk engineers, loss adjusters and recovery specialists. These knowledgeable professionals work as part of the claims team, providing the same exacting standards of service we expect of ourselves.

A Return to Normality: Settlement and Resolution

Once an agreed settlement is reached, we make every effort to issue your claim payment within 48 hours. 

Help avoid risks in the future: Information management

We appreciate that accurate information management is essential for controlling risk for our clients. We place great emphasis on recording claims information in a way that enables our clients to form an accurate assessment of their losses, understand trends and plan for continuous improvement.

In every instance, our goal is to keep you apprised along the way and to provide you with prompt, efficient and technically skilled claim service.