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Financial Lines Claims Services

Financial and professional services organizations face greater risks today than ever before. With a constant threat of litigation over any dispute that may arise and claims coming in from every angle, it may be hard to focus on your clients—or your business. That's where we come in for Chubb financial lines policyholders. Should your organization get served with a lawsuit alleging liabilities insured under your Chubb financial lines policy, our experienced and knowledgeable claims team will step in on your behalf to provide timely and innovative claims services that will help protect your business, your employees and your reputation. We'll handle your claim, so you can get back to focusing on your business.


  • Worldwide claims handling capability with the goal of providing the very best outcome for our clients
  • Proactive and responsive service that includes candid dialogues with our clients so that we may identify any issues or vulnerabilities early and resolve claims in a timely manner
  • A dedicated claims professional who will be a single point-of-contact and seamlessly manage all aspects of the claims process (assigned for larger clients)
  • Worldwide network of professionals, including legal counsel, adjusters and accountants who we can call upon as needed to supplement our Financial Lines Claims Team
  • To learn more about Chubb's Financial Services Business, click here

Chubb has the expertise and resources to handle claims for a number of financial lines categories, including:


  • Cyber
  • Transactional Risk
  • Public D&O
  • Fidelity
  • EPL

Cyber Claims

The financial damages of cyber attacks are projected to reach $6 trillion annually by 20211 — more than double those same figures from 2015. While the types of cyber attacks are constantly changing, the largest increase in claims has come from phishing and ransomware attacks. Not only is the sheer number of these claims on the rise, but so are the associated costs as cyber criminals are continuously increasing their demands. If your organization is Chubb insured with a Cyber Risk Insurance Policy, and has been a victim of a cyber threat or cyber attack, rest assured that the Chubb Cyber Claims Team is here to guide you through the claims process 24/7 — regardless of the type of threat or size of your company.

1Source: Cyber Security Business Report, January 23, 2018

The Chubb Cyber Claims Difference

  • Dedicated Claims Team – Our team of claims specialists handles cyber incidents and privacy liability claims exclusively, and they use this extensive knowledge to resolve all types of cyber claims.
  • Timely Resolution – Our 24/7 dedicated hotline and Cyber Alert® mobile app provide access to incident response coaches who will help mitigate a cyber incident immediately by providing privileged legal advice and helping to retain other vendors, including forensics and public relations as necessary.
  • Chubb Cyber IndexSM – Our new Chubb Cyber Index allows our business partners to access an extensive library of 20 years of Chubb's cyber claims data—spanning several industry segments. Please visit the site directly:
  • Worldwide Resources – As part of a world leader in insurance, we have the resources to stay abreast of the latest advancements in technology, as well as threat vectors that may affect our insureds.
  • Cyber Claims InFocus Report – A quarterly report that can help you understand the effects of cyber –or privacy related incidents for your clients- or even prevent them from happening in the first place. Learn more.

Transactional Insurance Claims

In today's fast-paced business marketplace, corporate mergers and acquisitions and other deals are being closed at lightning speed. But at what cost? Post-closing disputes can arise in a variety of ways and may include anything from tax issues and licensing to disagreements over physical and intellectual property. That's why it's so important to make sure you're insured not just before and during a deal—but also after it. Chubb provides Representations and Warranties Insurance (RWI), Tax Liability Insurance, and other customized risk transfer solutions to help address post-transactional disputes. Should a claim be filed under your Chubb Transactional Insurance policy, you can rest assured that our team will work diligently toward an equitable resolution.

The Chubb Transactional Claims Difference

  • Technical Expertise – Issues discovered post-closing often require a higher level of expertise. Our experienced Transactional Insurance Claims Team will work with you and your advisers to determine whether there was a breach, and what financial impact, if any, it had.
  • Additional Support – You'll benefit from the experience of top professionals and consultants from around the globe, including litigators, tax attorneys, accountants, engineers and other specialists, working on your claim.
  • Timely Resolution – We understand that time is money. As with all Chubb claims, we are dedicated to responding to and resolving any Transactional Insurance claims in an efficient and effective manner.
  • Success Record – Our tradition of excellence in claims service and negotiating can lead to resolutions that enable you—whether you're a private equity, venture capital or strategic buyer—to focus on your core business of doing deals rather than coping with disputes that arise in their aftermath.

Public D&O Claims

Directors and officers face a higher level of exposure to securities claims than ever before as litigation against public companies continues to rise year over year. In 2018, 8.8% of publicly traded companies were sued for an alleged securities violation, an increase of 3.2% from 2016. For S&P 500 companies, that number was even higher, at 9.4%. In addition, 85% of M&A deals over $100M were challenged with a merger objection lawsuit in 20181. As a public company, your exposure is greater than ever. With Chubb’s extensive expertise in handling (D&O) claims, we can help Chubb D&O insureds navigate the claims process efficiently.

1Source: From Nuisance to Menace - The Rising Tide of Securities Class Action Litigation, June 2019

The Chubb Public D&O Claims Difference

  • Dedicated Claims Team – Chubb's dedicated D&O specialists possess the knowledge and skill to handle even the most complex securities claims in a changing legal environment. Our Team has vast experience with relevant laws, courts, and inter-facing with plaintiff counsel, defense counsel, and mediators. We strive to provide positive, prompt and efficient claims resolutions for our insureds in even the most complex matters on a local, national and international level.
  • Worldwide Connectivity – Chubb has the legal resources, vendor contacts and globally integrated management structure to provide a seamless and successful claims-handling experience for claims that have international connections or implications.
  • Cost Savings – As the largest publicly traded property and casualty insurer in the world, we bring economies of scale to maximize the value of our insureds’ coverage.
  • Local Access/National Reach – Chubb offers the best of both worlds. Our decentralized locations allow us access to local markets, as well as provide a deep understanding of the dynamics of city, state and federal courts and regulatory bodies. Our on the spot resources give Chubb the ability to think globally and act locally on behalf of our insureds.

Fidelity Insurance Claims

In today's technologically advanced world, crime continues to become more sophisticated. This impacts all industries where instances of social engineering, identity theft, hacking and other fraudulent schemes are increasing at an alarming rate. It's no longer acceptable to protect against the happening of these types of crimes. You need to proactively protect your business, your employees and your clients for when these criminals strike. When you have Chubb Financial Fidelity Insurance, you can be rest assured that your claims will be handled in an expeditious and cost-effective manner so as to mitigate the potential financial and reputational risk you may be facing. 

The Chubb Fidelity Claims Difference

  • Dedicated Claims Team – We've assembled top specialists in the field who are dedicated to exclusively manage and resolve our Fidelity claims.
  • Personal Service – We'll walk you through every step of the claims process—from initial filing to submitting proof and final resolution—keeping you informed at every stage.
  • Extensive Experience – You'll benefit from the expertise of our team members —many of whom have backgrounds in law and accounting, as well as extensive experience in handling the nuances of multiple-coverage policies—applying knowledge, experience and expertise to the resolution of these specialized claims that is second to none.

Employment Practices Liability (EPL) Claims

Today’s employers face a mine field of local, state and federal statutes and regulations in their management of employees. High profile verdicts and increased public attention driven by social media and national media coverage is resulting in increased employment-related claims against corporations and their management. These claims range from allegations of harassment and discrimination to retaliation and failure to hire. Regardless of whether there is merit to such claims, an Employment Practices Liability (EPL) claim can cost a business three of its most valuable assets; time, money and reputation. When you are protected with Chubb EPL Insurance you can rest assured that in the event you are facing a covered claim, Chubb will work hard to resolve your claim in the most expeditious and cost-effective way possible so as to mitigate potential costs and disruption to your business and staff.

The Chubb Employment Practices Liability (EPL) Claims Difference

  • Dedicated Claims Team – Chubb’s EPL claims team is made up of dedicated specialists who only manage EPL matters; managing all stages of a matter from demand letters to Class Action settlements and everything in between.
  • Regional Presence – Our regional presence ensures that we not only have a thorough understanding of the EPL claims industry, but also knowledge of local, regional and federal employment laws which may affect the defense and resolution of a particular matter.
  • EPL Loss Prevention Program – This proactive risk management program provides the tools and information businesses need to reduce their exposure to costly claims. 
  • Specialized Policies – Because of the unique exposures inherent in certain businesses, Chubb offers comprehensive standalone polices for professional firms and law firms.
  • Vast Network of Defense Counsel – Chubb’s experienced network of EPL counsel provide top notch legal services to our Insureds from the initial notice of a claim through ultimate resolution.