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While insurance is only one part of the global clinical trial process it can have a big impact on the trial sponsor or clinical research organization’s (CRO) ability to keep the process moving on a planned product launch. Chubb’s state of the art, interactive clinical trial insurance and certificate management system, WORLDcert, has been designed to make securing coverage more user-friendly and efficient.

System Overview


WORLDcert provides:

  • Strong educational content and Country Guidelines to help you design an appropriate global trial program
  • System within which to automatically secure quotations, purchase insurance and instantaneously issue certificates of insurance, in the local language and local currency, and with the stamps, signatures and certificate text required to satisfy third parties who must approve your trial before it can begin.

WORLDcert can help you acquire accurate, compliant trial insurance documentation, instantaneously, thereby avoiding:

  • Ethics committee postponement of approvals
  • Shorterned patent protection periods
  • Incurring extraordinary costs
  • Tarnishing important business relationships


WORLDcert clinical trial insurance management system helps your organization:

  • Save time and money with a streamlined insurance purchasing and certification process
  • Plan your clients’ trials through access to a database of global clinical trial insurance requirements
  • Eliminate transposition errors with no re-keying of data
  • Simplify the insurance management process with a complete online solution that handles everything from the insurance quote to issuance of insurance certificates
  • Facilitate compliance with regulatory and ethics committee requirements, which vary widely from country to country. Chubb provides locally admitted insurance in a growing number of countries, as well as non-admitted insurance in more than 100 countries.