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The Chubb Primary℠ Workplace Violence Expense Insurance

There is a constant threat of violence in the workplace from both inside and outside of an organization. It's important for employers to be properly equipped to prevent, prepare and respond to any incident should one occur. 

Workplace Violence Expense Insurance Coverage Highlights

The Chubb Primary Workplace Violence Expense insurance provides both immediate access to qualified risk management consultants, as well as protection against a wide range of expenses to manage gaps in traditional insurance.

Key Features*:

  • Coverage includes expenses for independent behavioral health counselling for 30 days, emergency crisis mental health specialists for 10 days onsite, and up to 90 days of post-event telephonic crisis mental health support.
  • Access to R3 Continuum, a premier risk consultant and behavioral health company contracted by Chubb to provide an immediate response to threats, even when there is no lethal weapon present, and no injuries have occurred.

Why Workplace Violence Insurance?

Workplace violence is one of the most frightening exposures companies must face. Such an incident can devastate a company, destroying its bottom line and even threatening its survival. That’s why we created The Chubb Primary Workplace Violence Expense Insurance - to help protect organizations from these exposures. 

The Chubb Primary Workplace Violence Expense Insurance policy can cover a wide range of expenses incurred by the company as a result of both actual and threatened workplace violence, such as: 

  • Fees and Expenses for Independent Crisis Management Consultants
  • Public Relations expenses
  • Independent Security Guard Expenses
  • Salaries for victims and replacement workers
  • Rewards
  • Medical, Dental, Mental Health and Cosmetic expenses for employee victims of workplace violence
  • Rest and Rehabilitation Expenses for victim employees and their relatives
  • Occupational training courses expenses for employee victims of workplace violence
  • Threat of Violence Expenses
  • Crisis Legal Costs
  • Stalking Expenses
  • Business Interruption due to workplace violence, available by endorsement
  • Disruptive Events Expense, available by endorsement
  • Loss of Life Benefits to victims of workplace violence

*Coverage is subject to the language of the policies as actually issued.

Crisis Response Service

Workplace Threat And Violence Response

Chubb is committed to providing industry leading workplace violence response services for our clients and partners with a dedicated team of specialists to focus on helping you successfully respond to and mitigate workplace violence and threat incidents. The Chubb workplace violence team works in collaboration with you to triage and assess the severity of an incident, and has the capability to coordinate the range of resources and services you may need when facing an imminent or active threat or workplace violence situation.

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Preventing Workplace Violence

The best method for addressing workplace violence is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. A comprehensive approach to preventing workplace violence is imperative and should be one of the considerations of an overall risk-based approach. Chubb offers “Preventing Workplace Violence”, a take-and-use guide with suggestions on how to prevent, prepare, and address workplace violence.