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Miscellaneous Professional Liability

Chubb's Miscellaneous Professional Liability policy is designed to provide comprehensive coverage for a wide variety of professional service industries.


Coverage Highlights




  • Broad definition of Wrongful Act, with the ability to manuscript the definition of Professional Services
  • Broad definition of Damages, including:
    • Prejudgment and post-judgment interest on that part of any judgment paid
    • Punitive and exemplary damages and the multiplied portion of any multiple damage award, where allowed
  • Broad definition of Insured, including:
    • The entity and its subsidiaries
    • Any past or present principal, partner, officer, director, trustee, employee, or general or managing partner or principal (if the entity is a partnership)
    • Independent contractors who are natural persons when performing professional services on behalf of the entity and its subsidiaries
  • $5,000 sublimit for reimbursing Insured for attendance at hearings, depositions, etc. ($250 per day maximum)
  • Duty to defend covered claims, not just "suits"

What is Miscellaneous Professional Liability Insurance?

Learn more about MPL insurance and why it’s something your company may need.


  • Maximum capacity is $20 million


Target Clients

Most professional service providers offering services to a third party; targeted classes include:

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Professional Liability Claims Scenarios

When managing claims, Chubb Claims Specialists are attentive to every detail. Download examples across Professional Liability, including technology, public officials, MPL, and employed lawyers.

Industry-Specific Coverages