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The Healthcare Risk Management online portal includes tools and resources designed exclusively for our healthcare clients, to proactively address the critical risk management and safety challenges they may face.

Portal Benefits

View, print and download advisories, self-assessment tools, check lists and more.

Tools & Resources

Each section contains resources related to critical and emerging healthcare topics that have been designed specifically for healthcare organizations, including:

Chubb Advisories

Within the portal are a number of advisories related to current issues that our clients face within their organization. Advisories topics include, dealing with difficult patients, opioid risk management recommendations, risk avoidance strategies and more.

Self-Assessment Tools

Our self-assessment tools provide information risk managers and administrators need to evaluate a range of potential liability exposures, identify areas for clinical and operational improvement and implement potential safeguards.

Long-Term Care Resources

Our long-term care resources focus on clinical and operational safeguards, common areas of high-risk exposure and risk management and quality improvement programs. Through resources such a Risk Management Memory Checklist, to help gain the added assurance that your residential setting is safe, accountable, and dedicated to providing quality aging care.

Hospital & Healthcare Resources

Chubb Healthcare has developed these self-assessment tools to help identify areas of actual and potential risk and highlight opportunities for improvement. Our resources include an Opioid Heat Map and Prescribing Tips, a Medical Provider Checklist and more.

Learn More and Gain Access

To learn more about our portal and to gain access contact us:

Diane Doherty, MS, CPHRM
Senior Vice President, Healthcare Risk Management
O 212-703-7120