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ForeFront Portfolio 3.0℠: Workplace Violence Expense Insurance

Of the newer exposures facing privately owned companies today, one of the most frightening is workplace violence. These incidents can devastate a company, destroy its bottom line and threaten its survival. At special risk are companies that deal with the public, exchange money, deliver goods and services, work with unstable or volatile persons, or operate late at night. We help privately held companies offset the unexpected financial costs incurred as a result of this potentially devastating exposure.

Coverage Highlights


  • Private company underwriters located across the U.S. and experienced in a broad spectrum of industries
  • Where permitted, crisis management services to help prevent an incident and prepare for one should it occur


  • Reimburses expenses for:
    • Independent crisis management consultant and public relations consultants
    • Crisis mental health specialists
    • Independent forensic analysts
    • Victim employees’ salaries and replacement employees’ salaries
    • Rewards paid to informants who provide information leading to the arrest and conviction of responsible parties
    • Medical, cosmetic, mental health, and dental expenses of victims; rest and rehabilitation for insured persons and their relatives
    • Expenses related to dealing with a stalking threat
  • Insureds include:
    • The company
    • Directors and officers
    • Employees, including seasonal, temporary, and leased
    • Volunteers
    • Guests on the company’s premises

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