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ForeFront Portfolio 3.0: Employed Lawyers Liability

The increasingly vital role played by in-house counsel also comes with malpractice risks. A legal malpractice lawsuit not only threatens the company’s balance sheet, it can also place an in-house attorney’s personal assets in jeopardy. As one of the first insurers to offer employed lawyers liability insurance, Chubb is both committed to, and held in high regard by, the in-house legal community. We’re proud to be an ACC Alliance Partner providing employed lawyers professional liability insurance to members of the Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC), the largest organization of in-house counsel in the United States.

Coverage Highlights


  • Helps protect against risks stemming from a broad range of in-house counsel activities
  • Private company underwriters located across the U.S. are experienced in a broad spectrum of industries


  • Helps protect against risks stemming from a broad range of in-house counsel activities, including:
    • Human resource management work, such as downsizing
    • Review of advertising, press releases, and other communications
    • Opinion letters or comments related to a company’s financial status
    • Filings made with regulatory boards or agencies
    • Approval of contract language used with outside vendors or customers
    • Volunteer or pro bono legal services
    • Responses to customer complaints
  • Insures:
    • In-house general counsel, including legal assistants, notaries public, and temporary and independent contractor attorneys
    • Professional legal services rendered to the company and subsidiaries, as well as foundations, charitable trusts, and political action committees when controlled by the parent organization

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