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Get broad protection for the wide spectrum of employment allegations you face in today’s ever-changing employment environment.

Coverage Highlights

  • Full severability of the application for insured persons
  • Express coverage for punitive, exemplary, and multiple portion of multiplied damages, and liquidated damages under the Age discrimination in Employment Act or the Equal Pay Act, governed by the most favorable applicable jurisdictions
  • Claims include claims for monetary damages as well as non-monetary or injunctive relief, and various administrative or regulatory proceedings
  • Loss includes back pay and front pay
  • Covered employees include any full-time, part-time, seasonal and temporary employees, volunteers, and leased employees where indemnified by the company
  • Covered insureds include any director, trustee, governor, officer, employee, or general partner of the company
  • Coverage for claims alleging retaliation related to ERISA, FLSA, whistleblower claims, and other violations under federal statute
  • No express exclusions for fraud, dishonesty, profit, securities claims, or severance pay
  • Outside directorship coverage for employment claims
  • Third-party coverage relating to discrimination or sexual harassment
  • Automatic 30 day coverage for new subsidiaries
  • Up to $25 million
Target Clients
  • All public companies
  • Primary
  • Excess