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Excessive Fee Exposure in Employee Benefit Plans

Historically filed against only the largest organizations, an increasing number of smaller retirement plans have faced excessive fee litigation over the past couple of years. With this surge in litigation, it’s important that all fiduciaries, regardless of plan size, understand the history and recent trends relating to excessive fee claims.

Frequently Asked Questions

Things you wanted to know about Fiduciary Liability, but did not know who to ask.

How to Reduce Your ERISA Risks

Lawsuits against those involved with retirement and welfare plans are becoming more common. Learn more about how plan sponsors and fiduciaries can proactively reduce ERISA risks.

What’s All The Fuss About University Retirement Plans And Their Fees?

If you handle fiduciary liability insurance and need a better understanding of the latest wave of fiduciary breach claims against private universities, this memo will help unravel the mystery.

Fiduciary Loss Scenarios

Download our loss scenarios that could complicate Fiduciary Liability coverage, covering scenarios involving Defined and Health and Welfare Employee Benefit plans.

Fiduciary Myths vs. Realities

Why Do You Need Fiduciary Liability Insurance? Because you may not be as protected as you think.

What Is Fiduciary Liability Insurance?

From top corporate executives that hire investment managers to payroll clerks that process enrollment forms, Fiduciary Liability may be the only coverage that adequately protects people against liability for managing or administering an employee benefit plan.