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Chubb provides equipment breakdown risk engineering services for a variety of businesses, ranging from real estate to complex manufacturing.

Jurisdictional Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspections – Chubb is an accredited Authorized Inspection Agency (AIA) with the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors. Chubb equipment breakdown risk engineers are licensed to inspect boilers and pressure vessels throughout North America, subject to the codes and standards adopted by each jurisdiction. By performing these inspections, we verify that boilers or vessels are maintained in a safe and reliable manner in accordance with regulatory standards adopted by the jurisdiction.

Risk Analysis and Mitigation – Chubb equipment breakdown risk engineers conduct detailed risk analysis associated with a wide range of industries and market segments. We are trained to identify potential exposures and risk factors associated with machinery and electrical equipment as well as providing solutions on how to mitigate the cost of repairs and downtime to the facility.

Claims Investigation Service – Equipment failures can have a significant financial impact. Determining the cause of the failure and the repairs necessary to restore operations can be complex. Chubb’s network of equipment breakdown risk engineers provides a wide range of expertise that can assist customers on how best to recover and restore operations impacted by an occurrence.

Infrared Thermography – Electrical systems present some of the most critical property damage and business interruption exposures to any facility. The loss of a main electrical component or system can shut down an entire facility for long periods of time. Electrical deficiencies caused by loose connections, load imbalances, and/or overloaded circuits can lead to arcing and ensuing fires. These deficiencies—commonly referred to as hot spots—are rarely visible to the naked eye and can occur with little or no warning. Chubb Risk Engineering Services maintains its own network of industry certified infrared thermographers and professional grade infrared imaging cameras throughout the world. Each year we perform hundreds of infrared inspections to identify potential loss producing conditions before they manifest into costly property damage and business interruption.