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Risk Engineering Digital Solutions

Introducing the Chubb Risk Engineering Exchange & Resource Center for Commercial Clients Play icon

Introducing the Chubb Risk Engineering Exchange & Resource Center for Commercial Clients

Risk Engineering Resource Center

The online Risk Engineering Resource Center contains hundreds of risk management best practices and technical resources to help mitigate and minimize a company’s risk.  The Resource Center is available to participating business clients as well as appointed agents and brokers. 

Whether you are looking for a high-level summary or a deep dive into a topic, you will find what you need in the Resource Center.  This vast library of risk management information contains technical information, best practices, checklists, videos, training materials, and more from some of the best minds in the industry. The resources are organized into six commercial categories:

  • Worker Safety
  • Property Protection
  • Business Continuity
  • Cyber Security
  • Liability
  • Fleet Safety

You can also filter by industry and resource type to quickly get to the guidance that is pertinent to you. Shortcuts and advanced search capabilities make it easy to find useful information.

Risk Engineering Exchange

The Risk Engineering Exchange provides one-stop access to recommendations, service documents, and best practices for businesses with an ongoing risk engineering service engagement. Participating companies can view a dashboard summarizing visits, recommendations, and trends for all locations serviced by our risk engineers.

The Exchange is where clients access all of their customized Chubb risk engineering information. With this interactive platform, clients not only view all open and closed recommendations, but respond to open recommendations with the ability to upload attachments and supporting documentation.

Risk Engineering Fire Protection System Online Impairment Form

Reporting a Fire Impairment to Chubb has just gotten easier. You can now report your business fire impairments online. When fire protection systems (e.g., sprinkler systems, fire detection systems, special extinguishing systems) are impaired for more than eight hours due to an emergency or routine maintenance, please complete our digital form provided below. The notification will be sent directly to Chubb Risk Engineering Services.