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Product Highlights

Chubb’s Customarq Global Extension expands the terms and conditions of your Customarq domestic policy to apply outside the U.S.

  • Insurance for worldwide exposures under one insurance contract.
  • Protection against any difference in conditions or excess insurance contained in local policies issued outside the U.S.
Product Features

  • Provides a seamless approach to address worldwide liability exposures.

  • Includes a collectibility provision which applies when an insured cannot collect payment of a covered loss under the controlled underlying insurance.

  • Offers either occurrence or claims-made triggers to best suit your insurance program.

  • Supports either a defense outside or defense within limits structure to ensure seamless protection throughout the world.
  • Incorporates flexibility within the form to tailor the coverage territory and meets the unique international requirements of an insured.

  • Separates specialized, unique local insurance protection from the standard limit structure, preserving the master limits for conventional insurance.

  • Meets industry-specific requirements and provides specialized insurance, such as Liquor Liability, Garage Keepers Legal Liability and other fringe insurance.

  • Provides Advancements or reimbursements for efficient settlement of claims.