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If you’re involved with deriving energy from renewable sources, focused on energy efficiency, or addressing the scarcity of resources, we share your passion. While some may think of your company as a power provider, technologist, or manufacturer, we see more. In fact, we insure more than 50% of the Cleantech Group’s Cleantech 100.

Our risk engineers take the time to learn your business and provide practical guidance, based on our energy, technology, and manufacturing expertise. We are continual learners, researching the latest innovations, while drawing parallels to critical risk factors that may create unintended consequences from a property and casualty claims perspective.

Whether your company is emerging from the garage or going global, we can provide a custom-tailored risk management solution.

Let us focus on risk management, so you can focus on what you do best – growing the business and sustaining the planet. Examples of services we have provided for our clean tech clients include:

  • Business continuity assessments
  • Facility property protection evaluations, including biofuels, gasification plants and biogas (landfill and digester)
  • Equipment breakdown inspections
  • Infrared thermography analysis to identify hot spots without disrupting electrical service or business operations
  • Photovoltaic solar fire mitigation
  • Wind turbine risk evaluations
  • Energy Storage System (ESS) protection
  • Workplace safety, ranging from custom machinery to toxic chemicals
  • Product liability reviews
  • Cyber security impact and subsequent assessment for networked systems, e.g. smart grid

Chubb began providing solutions to clean tech companies long before the term was coined. Let us be part of your business ecosystem. Talk to your agent or broker to learn more about the Chubb difference.