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Coverage Highlights


  • Experienced energy underwriting specialists
  • Innovative solutions to address unique energy casualty coverage requirements


  • Occurrence, claims-made and occurrence reported coverages
  • Lead or Excess Capacity- Umbrella or Follow Form Excess
  • Term of coverage extensions may include: sudden and accidental pollution, failure to supply and joint venture covers

Target Client

Risks of all sizes in the following areas:


  • Coal Mining
  • Metal mining and processing
  • Mineral mining and processing
  • Quarry operations

Oil & Gas

  • Gathering pipeline
  • Transmission Pipelines
  • Natural Gas storage and processing
  • Refining
  • Wholesale Distribution


  • Industrial Chemical manufacturing and distribution
  • Industrial Gasses
  • Resins and Coating products


  • Alternative energy generation
  • Independent power producers
  • Municipal utilities and Co-Operative Utilities for electricity, gas and water
  • Other related operations including: energy marketing, transmission, system operation, equipment manufacturing


Christopher Fanslau
Vice President
215 640 4527

Virgil Mead
Vice President
713 403-3163

Chubb’s commitment to do its part as a steward of the Earth is reflected in the company’s policy concerning coal-related underwriting and investment, which was adopted on July 1, 2019. With the new policy, the company will no longer underwrite risks related to the construction and operation of new coal-fired plants or new risks for companies that generate more than 30% of their revenues from thermal coal mining or energy production from coal. Insurance coverage for existing coal-plant risks that exceed this threshold will be phased out by 2022, and for utilities beginning in 2022. You can learn more here: