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Chubb Travel Smart App

Quick and easy access to travel resources and safety.

App Overview
What is Chubb Travel Smart?

The Chubb Travel Smart mobile app provides business travelers who receive Executive Assistance® travel assistance services as part of Chubb’s International Advantage insurance policies with quick and easy access to medical and security assistance, live location-based alerts, travel advice, and more. The app works in conjunction with Chubb Travel Smart’s online dashboard to keep human resources and security managers informed of travelers’ locations and potential risks they may face. Additionally, it allows those managers to reach travelers instantly via email or SMS.


Here's what the app offers:


  • Live location-based alerts including infrastructure and transport disruptions, natural disasters, civil and political unrest, terrorist threats, and health and disease risks
  • Direct access to Chubb’s medical and security assistance partners, providing immediate emergency medical and security assistance, as well as a library of medical conditions and medications
  • Access to country specific advice, including vaccinations, climate, visa and passport requirements, travel and transportation advice, currency converter, and embassy and consulate information
  • Location change settings so that users can report their exact location or just be located at country level, and still receive relevant country-based alerts
  • Check-in Button informs Web portal administrators of user’s location
  • I am Safe Button that informs Web Portal administrators that the user is safe
  • Share Location allows user to share location via email/SMS/SM including map location
  • Enhanced Alert View shows incident radius and user location on map with distance from incident

The Chubb Travel Smart app is a native app built specifically for Apple and Android smartphones that offers an intuitive and fluid user experience. It was specifically designed to maximize smartphone battery life, only reporting location periodically based on the user’s movements.

Chubb’s Travel Smart app is part of the Chubb Travel Smart program. The program has three components that help keep business travelers safe: the app, the online dashboard, and pre-travel risk training and competency testing for traveling employees. Together, these components help employees avoid trouble and stay safer while on the road.