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The Chubb Risk Engineering Portal provides an introduction to Chubb Construction Risk Engineering capabilities, products and services. The Online Portal also offers access to a secure online Resource Center designed exclusively for Chubb Construction insureds.

Chubb Construction Risk Engineering Resource Center Benefits

  • 24/7 access anywhere and anytime – at the office or on the job site.
  • Exclusive use for Chubb clients through a secure URL link.
  • Tools and information designed to support clients’ efforts to maintain a pro-active safety culture.
  • View, print and download proprietary products, tools and resource materials, designed by a dedicated team of Chubb Construction risk engineers.


  • Valuable addition to an Chubb Construction client’s safety and risk management library.
  • Complimentary value-added tool to our current construction underwriting process.
  • Another demonstration of the Chubb commitment to working with its construction clients to assist them in their risk management efforts.

What's in the Construction Risk Engineering Resource Center

Each section contains safety resources related to topics critical to organizations that are involved in construction-related activities, including:

Training & Education

Contractor Training Programs: Chubb offers a series of training programs customized to reflect the specific exposures facing your company. Training is delivered to your personnel by our risk control consultants in a setting that is convenient, and practical. Available topics include: Fall Management, Cranes, Scaffolding, Electrical, Rigging, OSHA 10/30 hour and more.  Chubb will work with contractors to develop personalized training presentations upon request.

Construction Safety Investigator (CSI) Country-Wide:  A library of Construction Safety Investigator Talks that provide construction personnel with a guide to conduct on-site safety discussions.  These tools provide best practices and engage the participants in meaningful dialog during these valuable meetings. CSI’s are available on a wide variety of construction-related topics.

Tools & Resources

Chubb Construction Resource Guides:
The guides provide safety related information to those engaged in day-to-day construction operations and safety-related activities.

Diagnostic Tune-Up:
This tool is designed to give you an in-depth look at your organization, focusing on your strengths, limitations and improvement opportunities. Its three key components are: Injury Illness Program Evaluation, Baseline Culture Assessment and Shop Drawing. Includes a sample report. Focuses on evaluating management commitment, fall management, subcontractor selection/management, fleet safety, quality control/quality assurance and substance abuse, based on a series of best practice controls for each of these categories. Assists clients in determining what controls are in place or missing. The evaluation also can identify the strengths and limitations for each of these categories and provide recommendations to improve existing practices. This safety diagnostic can be performed for an organization’s current safety program, focusing the evaluation and feedback in the following categories:  administration, training, communication, pre- planning procedures, documentation, subcontractor safety and accountability

Baseline Loss Analysis/Trending:
This analysis can accurately demonstrate the most frequent and severe types of accidents, or loss leaders, with the goal of helping you to determine the root cause of accidents and take corrective action in areas where they make the most impact. This tool can be used to monitor the overall safety performance of an organization and each project in which the organization is involved, as well as to evaluate how the overall organization is performing compared to the industry, and to benchmark how each individual project is performing compared to the organization and to other projects

Construction Defect – Inspection & Verification Records (IVR): 
The tool arms our insureds with useful resources and practical materials that can be used as the client sees fit; either as a “starting point” when creating a Quality Assurance and Control Program (QA/QC), as an enhancement to existing QA/QC programs, or anywhere in between

Other Resources: 
Mobile and Tower Crane evaluations, Job Safety Task Analysis, Leading and Lagging Indicator tools, Contractor Performance and Pre-qualification and more.

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