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Chubb Accelerator® is a web-based tool to assist in documenting uninsured motorist, underinsured motorist, and personal injury protection coverage elections. What was once cumbersome and time consuming is now a streamlined process.

The ability to validly elect or reject uninsured motorist, underinsured motorist, and personal injury protection coverage has a significant economic impact on insureds and insurers. All 50 states and the District of Columbia require the completion of certain election forms. These forms and associated requirements vary and risk managers currently spend a significant amount of time and resources documenting and executing their coverage elections.

Key Features of Chubb Accelerator:

  • The system enables risk managers to answer a series of questions regarding their coverage elections.
  • The system documents elections so that risk managers can quickly review and execute various state election forms.
  • Risk managers electronically sign their forms and Chubb files the election forms on behalf of our customer and according to States’ requirements.
  • The system’s internal tracking and monitoring capability confirms timely submission and receipt of election forms.
  • A renewal function within the system saves elections so they can easily be replicated. Chubb Accelerator is designed for Chubb Global Casualty, Construction and Excess Casualty clients.