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As a leader in the ergonomics field, Chubb Global Risk Advisors (CGRA) offers creative, customized solutions with a staff of seasoned and accredited ergonomics specialists. Our clients benefit from a host of specialized service offerings that include: 

  • Providing customized industrial ergonomics surveys
  • Creating and delivering specialized industrial ergonomics training programs
  • Delivering virtual office ergonomics assessments that can be performed within expedited turnaround times and at preferred pricing 
  • Assisting in time study analyses, efficiency, and lean manufacturing layouts
  • Evaluating workstations utilizing human factors and anthropometric design 
  • Providing Physical Demand Assessments (PDAs) upon request for the client 
  • Developing Functional Job Analyses (FJAs):
    • Each task within each job is color-coded to identify the level of ergonomic risk based on measurements
    • The dynamic motion of each task is captured in a brief video clip
    • Jobs, risk ratings, and tasks are integrated with the videos on a flash drive for reference by site personnel, medical providers, and/or workers compensation claims adjustors 
  • Performing virtual Ergonomics Claims Validation (ECV) investigations
  • Providing Ergonomics Gap Analyses (EGAs) with solutions on how to close identified gaps; thus improving the overall level of a client’s ergonomics program
  • Assisting in the development, implementation, and monitoring of corporate-wide office ergonomics processes that use computer-based software
  • Delivering customized office and industrial ergonomics training via webinar
  • Performing onsite office ergonomics assessments 
  • Handling onsite ‘special request’ (e.g., ADA, WC cases, etc.) office ergonomics assessments requiring high levels of expertise and field experience
  • Providing laboratory ergonomics consultation