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Cargo Tips: Air Shipments

Water damage can occur to air freight shipments, which can be left uncovered on the tarmac awaiting flight arrival, during unloading from the aircraft, or when being shuttled to and from the cargo terminal. Chubb offers tips for packaging, handling, transportation, and procedures in case of loss.

Ocean / Intermodal Container Inspection Checklist

Prior to loading your cargo, spending a few minutes looking over a container, trailer, or any transport conveyance should not only be normal protocol, but can spare you and your client a lot of trouble. Chubb offers a checklist for both internal and external inspection.

Cargo Tips: Shipping Essential Goods during a Pandemic

With an increased demand for items, such as sanitizers, disinfectants, and other cleaning agents, buyers have looked to international sources for raw materials and goods newly considered "essential." Chubb has developed a list of incidents involving the theft of low-profile goods, as well as a checklist to help protect high-risk cargo in transit.

Cargo Tips: Small Package Shipments

Not everything is best fit for the small package shipping environment. Protecting your shipment as it makes its way among the millions of other packages handled by the largest carriers will take some effort. Download Chubb's Marine Risk Management team's tips for navigating this mode of transportation.

Cargo Security over Long Weekends

Historically, cargo theft occurs with greater frequency over long weekends when many facilities are unoccupied or minimally staffed. Chubb's Cargo Tips offer best practices you should consider implementing to minimize risk any time your cargo will be at rest, and at risk, for extended periods.

Cargo Tips: Fictitious Cargo Pickups

Reports of increased fraud at shipment sites affects shippers, freight forwarders and freight brokers. Developing and following a plan of action for shipment pickups is essential to preventing cargo theft. Chubb’s Marine Risk Management specialists are pleased to provide these tips to help prevent you from falling victim to fraud.

Cargo Tips: Machinery Shipments

Chubb’s Marine Risk Management specialists offer tips on best practices for packaging, securing, and handling machinery shipments of all sizes.

Cargo Tips: Securing Cargo in Transit

Chubb’s specialists provide loss control guidelines on everything from carrier selection and packaging to storage and documentation.

Cargo Tips: Managing Storage Risks

While physical attributes and procedural operations vary by storage site, proactively ensuring the proper storage and handling of your merchandise is an important factor in managing future losses.

Cargo Tips: Mitigating Rough Handling Exposures

When transporting cargo, correct packaging and handling is critical to ensuring your goods arrive safe and undamaged. Chubb's Marine Risk Management specialists may help you save money, time and stress on the long haul with these key tips.

Cargo Tips: Water Damage & Contamination Prevention

When your cargo is damaged by water or contaminated by contact with a foreign substance, it may not be easy to remedy the damage. Chubb's Marine Risk Management specialists can help give you the confidence that you’ve taken the right precautions to protect your investment.

Cargo Tips: Protecting Temperature Sensitive Products

Cargo that must remain refrigerated, frozen, chilled or heated is sensitive to damage and requires a temperature and humidity controlled environment during storage and transit. Chubb’s Marine Risk Management specialists recommend paying special attention to the packaging, handling and transportation of your temperature sensitive products.