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Airports & Aircrafts


  • Superior service capabilities in both underwriting and policy documentation
  • Tailored products, worldwide client base
  • Highly qualified and experienced aviation claim services
  • Airport aviation loss prevention through ESIS, Inc.
  • Strategic alliances with respected international insurers and reinsurers


  • Airports and Aviation operations: Up to $100 million, including TRIA and war, if required
  • Aircraft: Up to $100 million liability;  $10 million hull; $10 million aircraft spares as part of an aircraft policy; including TRIA and war, if required
  • Excess Liability: Only over ACE primary limits, up to total limits of $750 million is available under a Lloyd’s Limited Binding Authority, including TRIA (if required) except for war, which is up to a total limit of $500 million.


  • Airports and Aircraft: No minimums
  • Aviation operations minimum limit: No minimums, except for certain types of airside operations

Target Markets

  • General Aviation Airports
  • Commercial Airports
  • Heliports and Hospital Helipad locations
  • Aviation Product Distributors and Wholesalers (no manufactured products)
  • Aviation operations such as hangar owners GL premises
  • Airside operations such as ground handlers and cargo handlers
  • Fueling Fixed Base Operators (that do not perform Repair and Service)
  • Corporate non-owned aircraft liability
  • Municipal and Governmental Aircraft and Rotorcraft
  • UAV’s owned and operated by municipalities, university research programs, and real-estate companies
  • Control Tower Liability
  • Airport and Aviation Management Companies

Restricted Classes or Industries

  • Pleasure & Business Owner Flown
  • Industrial aid
  • Commercial rotor wing
  • Managed Fleet (Charter)
  • Aerial Applicator (Ag)
  • Quota Share placement (we only write 100% ground up) Flight Schools
  • Full Service Fixed Based Operators
  • Direct Products Manufacturer

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