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Introducing Chubb WorkInsight™ For Workplace Benefits

One Partner. One Platform. One Place.

There’s no reason for workplace benefits and absence management to be so complicated. Chubb WorkInsightTM combines absence, benefits and claims management in one simple platform. Employers can even integrate self-insured workers compensation programs into the system, to monitor absence under those too.

Not only is keeping track of everything easier and more efficient, you can help make sure employees get the support they’re entitled to, while promoting productivity and protecting your bottom line.


What’s at Stake

$228.8 billion

dollars is the cost of worker illness and injury, every year.i


of workers take more than 10 days of sick leave per year.ii


of full-time employees were off work per day due to illness or injury in 2019.iii

Six- or seven- figure penalties

Companies receive up to six- or seven-figure penalties for regulatory errors when handling absence.

Up to 12 weeks

Up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave are available under the Family and Medical Leave Act.iv



Being Prepared Is Vital

Chubb can help your company be ready, with proactive support to guide even the most complex cross-line claims and absences in compliance with all state regulations. You’ll have a clear view of what’s happening, because it’s all in one place.


A Quick Overview

Learn how our new way of doing things is making a difference, from managing risks to helping employees get back to work.

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A Tailored Solution


We’ll work with you at every step, from building your company’s voluntary benefits package to the smooth implementation and integration of the Chubb WorkInsight™ platform into your existing workflows.

And when it comes to claims, we simply ask employees what’s happened. Then we optimize the process by guiding them through each step — which helps them get the support they're entitled to, sooner.


Customizable Benefit and Absence Packages

Bundle the types of insurance you want to offer to employees, and manage these alongside all leave types using the Chubb WorkInsight™ platform. You can also set the coverage levels of certain benefits and add on optional extras to ensure a perfect fit.

Workers Compensation

Workers compensation is a statutory benefit. Employees can claim on the coverage if they're injured during their work. They might be entitled to receive benefits to cover a portion of their lost wages, and potentially their medical costs, while they recover.

Chubb WorkInsightTM allows employers with self-insured workers compensation programs to integrate these too — to bring everything into one place.

Absence Management

Track and manage all types of leave, including allowances under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) — as well as company-specific leaves including Paid Family Leave (PFL).

And you'll be able to see, at a glance, how leave types overlap and tie into any relevant claims or benefit payments. This gives you the full view of what's happening inside your company, from one place.


Extra help after unexpected accidents to help employees deal with unexpected costs.

Pays 25% higher benefits for injuries from organized sports, and you can customize coverage levels for specific benefits.

Critical Illness

Support for serious medical conditions such as cancer, heart attack and stroke, could make a big difference to employees.

Plus, we’ve added financial and advocacy benefits to make this coverage go further.


When an employee is unable to work, we can provide them with an income.

There’s even the flexibility to add benefits for pre-existing conditions and first day coverage.

Hospital Indemnity

Inpatient expenses are less stressful when employees are protected against many of the out-of-pocket costs.

And employers have the freedom to create plans specifically for their employees.

Life Insurance

Lifetime guarantees at a fraction of the cost of whole life insurance with our LifeTime Benefit Term insurance.

Coverage can also be used for long term care, adding flexibility and allowing access to benefits when they’re needed most.


Why Chubb