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Chubb Accident & Health

Here when the unexpected strikes

Chubb Accident & Health can help provide the missing pieces to existing coverages.

Accident & Health

Life is unpredictable. Insurance shouldn’t be.

Traveling for business or vacation. Working at a job site or commuting. Playing sports, going to summer camp, or even volunteering for a non-profit.

Accidents and illnesses can happen suddenly—anytime, anywhere. A satisfactory response requires financial and operational solutions that go beyond statutory and standard insurance coverages. Our Accident & Health products are designed for organizations that want to be prepared for potential stakeholder accidents or sicknesses so they can help ensure they'll be handled in a way that is consistent with their expectations, values, and standards.

How? They can address coverage gaps and supplement Workers' Compensation, General Liability, Medical, and Life policies to provide the financial and operational solutions that are truly needed when these complex situations arise.

Looking for comprehensive, world-class insurance designed to meet your specific needs? Chubb Accident & Health crafts programs that integrate with current coverage and can help organizations meet their standard of care for their people.

Key Benefits
Key Benefits

What are the key benefits of Accident & Health Insurance?

Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Lump-sum cash benefits that help replace lost income in the event of serious injury or death

Out-of-Country Medical

Medical payments at the point-of-service for accidents or illnesses that occur when traveling out of country

Medical Evacuation

Transportation to nearest facility for the best possible care

Security Evacuation

Coordination of safe transport out of danger or disaster zones

Travel Inconvenience Benefits

Cash benefits in the event of loss of personal property or travel reservation costs due to unexpected events, interruptions, or cancellations

Accident Medical

Helps pay the medical bills for injuries occurring at sponsored events

The power of Chubb Accident & Health Play icon

The power of Chubb Accident & Health

Watch this video to learn how our coverages enabled clients to go above and beyond statutory coverages, demonstrating their commitment to their people after unexpected accidents.


Who uses Accident & Health Insurance? 

Fortune 500 companies. Small- and medium-sized businesses. Schools. Non-profits. All of these may have coverage gaps that can be addressed by Accident & Health insurance. Here we highlight examples of the types of clients we support based on coverage type.


Participant Accident / Scholastic & Institutional Global Risk

  • K-12 Schools
  • Childcare Programs/Schools
  • Higher Education
  • High School Exchange
  • Non-Profit/Charitable Organizations
  • Religious/Faith-Based Organizations
  • Amateur Sports
  • Entertainment/TV Productions
  • Youth Recreational Groups/Camps

Corporate Accident & Sickness

Organizations with: 

  • Employees who travel on business (foreign or domestic)
  • Highly compensated employees
  • Employees who work in hazardous occupations
  • Expatriate and long-term assignees
  • Employees who work in customer-facing roles
  • Employees working remotely or voluntary overseas arrangements
  • Employees traveling on vacation
Our value

The value of Chubb Accident & Health

The combined expertise of our dedicated underwriting, claims, and product development teams allows us to craft programs to address the A&H coverage needs of organizations of all sizes.


As of January 31, 2024

A&H Coverage in action
A&H Coverage in action

A sudden illness abroad. Instant support.

When a consultant became seriously ill while traveling abroad for work, our coverage helped ensure she received the care she needed.

Emergency care after a study-abroad trip took an unexpected turn.

How quality, timely assistance was provided quickly when a bus full of students overturned in Peru.

Paving a path to recovery after severe sports injuries.

One high school sports season. Two student athletes, each with severe on-field injuries. Our coverage helped soften the financial impact and provide valuable benefits that helped them afford specialized care.

Providing financial support after a tragic loss.

When a sales leader was involved in a fatal car accident en route to a local meeting, we helped provide his family with meaningful insurance benefits.

Our products
Our products

Pick top-tier coverage

Experience. Innovation. Craftsmanship. 
Discover our product suite.

Corporate Accident & Sickness

Helps employers respond to the accident and sickness risks faced by their employees and stakeholders when traveling on business or leisure, working, or on a 24-hour basis.


Scholastic/Institutional Global Risk

Coverage for individuals traveling on behalf of higher education institutions, cultural groups, sports teams, and more.


Special Risk

Helps pay for the out-of-pocket expenses due to accidental injuries that may occur while at school, participating in sports or recreational activities, while volunteering, and more.


Workers' Occupational Solutions

On-the-job coverage for organizations with independent contractors or those not required to have Workers' Compensation.

Sales Tools
Sales Tools

Ready to sell the value of A&H?

Check out our marketing tools to see how our plans can help provide more comprehensive insurance protection.

Let's help provide the missing pieces together.

Get in touch with our team of dedicated A&H specialists. We'll aim to reply to you within 3 working days.

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Why Chubb?

We deliver when it really matters

Accidents and illnesses can happen quickly and unexpectedly.

That’s why Chubb Accident & Health offers solutions for when Workers' Compensation, General Liability, Medical, and Life policies aren't enough.

We provide insurance protection with industry-leading coverage terms, world-class underwriting, and claims management from experienced professionals to provide responses that meet clients' real needs.

We take pride in our craftsmanship and have the strength, insight, and discipline to help prepare for the unexpected.