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Personal Accident Insurance

Products and Services for Personal Accident from Chubb, comprehensive and customisable solutions according to your needs and plans

Child Education Insurance

Products and Services for Child Education from Chubb, unique plan with savings, protection and investment benefits to support your child’s education


Ultra+ Single Premium Investment Plan (the “Plan”) is an investment-linked assurance scheme. It is a long-term life insurance policy issued by Chubb Life Insurance Hong Kong Limited.

Life Protection Insurance

Products and Services for Life Protection from Chubb, comprehensive solutions to grow and protect your wealth and health.

Medical Protection

Unexpected medical expenses can threaten your savings and life plans. With our medical protection insurance, you can protect yourself against rising healthcare costs and unplanned expenses to stay on track with your goals.

Retirement Insurance

Products and Services for Retirement from Chubb, comprehensive life protection that provides greater financial freedom in the golden years

Savings Insurance

Products and Services for Savings from Chubb, insurance solutions that protect you as it grows your wealth

VHIS Series

Chubb Life Insurance Hong Kong Limited (VHIS provider registration number: 00044) (Registration Effective Date: 10 March 2021)

Wealth Management

Wealth Management represents not only the solutions but also services to help individuals accumulate, grow, protect and distribute their wealth.

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