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Chubb MyLegacy Insurance Plan

A plan that can provide long-term financial growth with high flexibility to meet the needs in different stages of life as well as giving your blessing to your future generations.

EasyRetire Annuity Plan

Equal premium for equal income regardless of gender.
Start receiving monthly income between age 50 and 70 till age 100.

Chubb FlexiLiving Deferred Annuity Plan

Enjoy Your Retirement Life with Regular Annuity Income

Chubb Platinum Plus Insurance Plan®

Long-term wealth accumulation for peace of mind and a brighter future.

Forever Diamond Plan

A long-term savings plan for wealth accumulation and life protection, ensuring a stable income to help you satisfy your needs at different life stages.

Golden Touch Premier Saver

A Plan to Realize Your Various Savings Goals

Happy Living Guaranteed Income Plan

Happy Living Guaranteed Income Plan is an effective tool in helping to enrich your savings and enlarge your safety net when you enter a new chapter in life.

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