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Chubb Supreme Life Insurance Plan (Regular Premium)

You’ve worked hard to achieve the goals in your life and protect your finances. You’ve come to realize that true wealth is not just about your own success, but ensuring the success of those who matter most to you. This plan helps you achieve a wide range of wealth management goals.

Chubb Supreme Life Insurance Plan

Wouldn’t it be great if you could build your legacy for tomorrow and increase your wealth for today?

Chubb Future Achiever Savings Plan

Chubb Future Achiever Savings Plan ("Chubb Future Achiever") is a single premium participating whole life insurance plan that allows you to accumulate wealth, pass on a legacy of love to the future generations, so that you can have the peace of mind that your future is secured.

Golden Touch Premier Saver

A Plan to Realize Your Various Savings Goals

Perpetual Life Series

Maintaining your wealth means keeping it safe and secure throughout your lifetime. Perpetual Life Series offers the key to whole life protection for true lifelong coverage, with no age limit.

Our Service

Our services include:

  • Customer Experience:
    • Prestigious Wealth Management Center
    • Dedicated customer hotline
    • Priority in new business support
    • Exclusive fulfilment kits
    • A suite of innovative products
  • Partner support via dedicated sales ambassadors to ensure consistency and improve efficiency

Your wealth will only grow with careful and comprehensive management. That's why it's important to choose a Chubb Life with an excellent track record in quality products and services.

Chubb Life's Wealth Management: A case sharing (Cantonese Only)

Catering to the growing needs of high-net-worth individuals, Chubb Life offers one-stop flexible solution to meet their complex savings, investment, health, protection and wealth transfer needs. Watch a case sharing of how Chubb Life’s wealth management can help you.

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