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Supreme lifelong protection, supreme wealth accumulation

Wouldn’t it be great if you could build your legacy for tomorrow and increase your wealth for today? 

You’ve worked hard to achieve the goals in your life and built up your wealth along the way. You have come to realize that true wealth in life is not just about being successful but also helping the people you care about become successful as well. With thoughtful planning, your hard-earned wealth will work for you to grow your wealth further and extend to an enduring legacy to your future generations. 

This is where Chubb Life steps in. Chubb Supreme Life Insurance Plan (“Chubb Supreme Life”) is designed to help you achieve various wealth management goals:
  • Legacy Planning: By offering life protection, this Plan ensures protection of the financial security of your loved ones beyond the Insured’s lifetime. 
  • Wealth Accumulation: By offering guaranteed Cash Value and non- guaranteed Terminal Dividend, this Plan helps build up potential return over time. 
  • Business Continuity: By offering life insurance to the key person(s) in your company, this Plan provides risk mitigation and a reserve of emergency funds for protecting the future of your business. 


When you know that your loved ones or business are well taken care of, you can focus on enjoying the NOW. 

Why Chubb Supreme Life Insurance Plan?


Lifelong protection with just a single premium payment 





  • With just one single premium payment, you can secure a whole life coverage to protect your family’s financial future. 
  • If the Insured passes away while the Policy is in force, we will pay a Death Benefit including Special Coverage Benefit, if applicable, to the Beneficiary to help you protect your loved ones. 



A protection that adapts to the seasons of your life 


  • Starting a family or business in the prime of your life, the financial responsibilities that come with it require a high level of protection. If the Insured dies before the Glorious Anniversary (i.e. the 15th Policy Anniversary or the Policy Anniversary immediately following the Insured’s Age of 64, whichever is later), we will pay up to 120% of the Sum Assured as the guaranteed portion of the Death Benefit including the Special Coverage Benefit, if applicable. For details of the Special Coverage Benefit, please refer to the “Basic Information - Special Coverage Benefit” section below. 

  • As the years go by, your children become independent and financial responsibilities decrease, this Plan automatically adjusts its protection and savings elements to match the need for protection, moving the focus to growing wealth. Starting from the Glorious Anniversary, the guaranteed portion of the Death Benefit will decrease by 5% per annum from 100% of the Sum Assured to 50% of the Sum Assured within 10 consecutive years and will remain at 50% of the Sum Assured until the end of your Policy. Under no circumstances, the guaranteed portion of the Death Benefit will be lower than the guaranteed Cash Value. 


Leaving the legacy just as you would wish 





  • This Plan offers Life Insurance Proceeds Settlement Option, which gives you control over the way you pass on your legacy to your family. 

  •  You can choose the payout arrangement that suits you best while the Insured is still alive – from one-off, through to annual, or monthly installments over your selected period. This gives you the flexibility to ensure that your estate is passed on just as you would wish to secure your loved ones’ financial future. 
Preserve, grow and pass on your legacy 
  • This Plan is a participating insurance plan. On top of providing lifelong protection, it helps to preserve and offer potential growth in your wealth, forming a solid financial foundation for your future generations. 

  • This Plan helps you get the most out of your wealth with potential long-term return with guaranteed Cash Value and non-guaranteed Terminal Dividend. We will pay
    the guaranteed Cash Value when you surrender the Policy. We may also pay the non-guaranteed Terminal Dividend when you surrender the Policy or claim for the Death Benefit. 

Terminal Dividend Lock-in Option to lock in potential gains in time 


  • Subject to the Company’s approval, during the lifetime of the Insured, starting from the 15th Policy Anniversary, you may, within 30 days from every Policy Anniversary, apply to exercise the Terminal Dividend Lock-in Option to lock in at least 10% of the Terminal Dividend (if any) and up to a maximum total Lock-in Percentage of 50%.
  • You may choose one of the options: you may allocate the Lock-in Amount to the Settlement Deposit Account for accumulating non-guaranteed interest or cash it out fully. 
Successor Owner can manage the policy when the unexpected happens
  You can name a person as the Successor Owner. If the Owner passes away or is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, Coma, Loss of Independent Existence or Parkinson’s Disease, the Successor Owner will become the new Owner of the policy. 
Greater flexibility to facilitate business continuity 

To successfully plan for the future
of your business, it is important
for corporate owners to insure
your human capital. Loss of a key person(s) in your business can lead
to huge impact on your business and it may also affect profitability. In the unfortunate event of the death of your valuable employee, the Death Benefit offered under this Plan can reduce the potential loss of profits and provide liquidity, so that you can rest assured that your business’ financial position is protected. 

Product Brochure

This webpage is for general reference only and should not be regarded as professional advice, recommendation and it is not part of the policy. It provides an overview of the key features of the product and should be read along with other materials which cover additional information about the product. Such materials include, but not limited to, product brochure that contains key product risks, policy provisions that contain exact terms and conditions, benefit illustrations (if any) and other policy documents and other relevant marketing materials, which are all available upon request. You might also consider seeking independent professional advice if needed.

The above information shall not be construed as an offer to sell, solicitation or persuasion to buy or provision of any of our products outside Hong Kong. For further information, please contact your Chubb Life Hong Kong Insurance Consultant or call our Customer Service Center Hotline at (852) 2894 9833.

The “Chubb Life Hong Kong”, “Company”, “we”, or “our” herein refers to Chubb Life Insurance Hong Kong Limited.

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