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3-Year Goal Easy Saver

Boost your peace of mind with just 2 years of premium payments for 3 years of life insurance coverage. Safeguard your loved ones and build wealth effortlessly, ensuring financial stability to help you overcome life's challenges.

First Guardian Triple Protection Plan

With protection for critical illness, accidents and life insurance alike, you can handle all of life's uncertainties.

AcciCare Protection Plan

A one-stop-shop care providing 24-hour protection in the event of accident anywhere in the world. From accidental death or disablement, to a minor injury requiring medical attention or hospitalization, you can be assured of comprehensive financial assistance.

Vcare Cancer Protector

Designed for individuals looking for medical protection against cancer. It relieves you of financial burden by reimbursing the medical expenses of cancer treatment and rehabilitation and providing a series of additional care benefits.

WiseChoice Term Life Protecter

This plan offers fundamental protection at different stages of life. With affordable premium, you can enjoy the benefits of a term life insurance with guaranteed renewal and the conversion privilege option.

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