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The table below provides you with a mapping of the current terminologies you might find in your policy(ies) documents with the corresponding new terminologies which you might see on your on-going policy service correspondences. Despite terminology changes, please be rest assured that the benefits, terms and conditions under your policy(ies) remain unchanged. The Policy Terminology Mapping Table may be updated from time to time. Should you have any enquiry, please contact your insurance consultant or our Customer Service Center on 2894 9833.

  Current Terminology 現時用語 New Terminology 新修訂用語
(Such new terminology may be shown on your
on-going policy service correspondences)
(可能於 閣下保單行政函件出現的新修訂用語)
1 Face Amount / Sum Assured
– Protection-oriented Product
保障額 – 保障類型產品
Sum Assured – refers to the protection amount provided by the insurance plan such as the death benefit amount
保障額(維持不變) – 有關金額指該保險計劃所提供的保障金額,例如身故賠償金額
2 Face Amount / Sum Assured
– Savings-oriented Product
保障額 – 儲蓄類型產品
Notional Amount – this amount is for the calculation of, for example, premium and relevant policy values of the insurance plan. It is irrelevant to the protection amount provided by the plan
名義金額 – 有關金額於該保險計劃下只用作計算例如保費及相關保單價值等金額,但與計劃所提供的保障金額無關
3 Face Value
Notional Value
4 Minimum Interest Rate
Minimum Crediting Interest Rate
5 Partner Bonus
Terminal Dividend
6* Special Bonus
Terminal Bonus
7 Special Interest Rate
Special Crediting Interest Rate













* Such change in terminology is only applicable to the policies of Gold Wealth Insurance Plan.

June 2017 (Second Edition)