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We support the passion of clean tech companies like yours in seeking new alternative sources of energy. To meet your complex insurance needs, we’ve designed a broad portfolio of insurance solutions that protect your business against the various risk it faces in 3 areas of operations. That way, you can focus on taking your passion to the next level.

Coverage Highlights

Areas We Cover

Renewable Fuels and Power Generation
We can help protect you against unexpected risks in your solar or wind business.

Renewable Energy businesses include manufacturing, services, products, R&D or operations that use new or modified existing technologies to create energy using renewable resources.

Insureds include power plant owners and operators, manufacturers of critical components for wind turbines, solar inverter, cell and module manufacturers, distributors.

Efficiency, Control and Storage Technologies
We have expertise in providing smart insurance solutions for companies involved in energy efficiency, energy storage, smart grid and transportation.

Efficiency, Control and Storage Technologies is any manufacturing, services, products or operations focused on maximising the use of energy generated by alternative or traditional sources.

Insureds include developers of building control systems, LED manufacturers, fuel cells, charging stations, software, hardware and networking solutions used to deliver energy more efficiently, smart meters, monitoring systems, vehicle components and logistics.

Resource Management Systems and Products
We can provide a variety of insurance solutions for businesses that work with the air and environment, recycling and waste, water and wastewater.

Resource Optimisation Products is any manufacturing, service or operation focused on managing the consumption of natural resources.

Insureds include those involved in monitoring and emissions control, biodegradable products, bio, recycling operations, mixed waste and waste treatment, water treatment, filtration and conservation.

Products We Offer

  • Liability Package
    • Premises and operations liability
    • Product and completed operations liability
    • Professional liability or errors and omissions liability
    • Product withdrawal expenses
  • Excess Liability Insurance
  • Property and Business Income Solutions
  • Marine Transit Solutions including Project Cargo
  • Multinational Solutions
  • Cyber
  • Construction Erection All Risks (EAR)/Contractors All Risks (CAR), Delay in Start-Up (DSU)

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