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Chubb MyLegacy Insurance Plan III

A plan equips with both long-term growth and high financial flexibility could meet your needs of different life events, and also enable you to share your life-long achievement with your loved ones and future generations. Chubb MyLegacy Insurance Plan III (“Chubb MyLegacy”) is all you need.

Forever Diamond Plan II

Experience a worry-free future with Guaranteed Cash Coupons, ensure steady wealth growth and pass on your wealth to your loved ones

Chubb Smart Endowment Plan

It is a participating life insurance plan that provides you guaranteed and non-guaranteed Cash Value to help you accumulate wealth within an expected timeframe, yet still offer flexibility on the use of assets.

Smart Sight Universal Life Plan

Save smart: set your sights on a brighter future, accelerate your wealth with our Time Boost Bonus. Choose our Smart Sight Universal Life Plan for unmatched financial opportunities and peace of mind.

Chubb Future Achiever Savings Plan

Chubb Future Achiever Savings Plan ("Chubb Future Achiever") is a single premium participating whole life insurance plan that allows you to accumulate wealth, pass on a legacy of love to the future generations, so that you can have the peace of mind that your future is secured.

Chubb Life Yearly Income Plan

You are working hard to accomplish your goals for yourself and your loved ones and pave the way to success. A reliable financial plan enables your hard-earned savings to grow with secure and steady income stream and to accelerate with potential returns. It also allows you to bestow your wealth to your future generation at ease.

Flexi Savings

A whole life protection plan offering different premium payment period options and strong saving elements.


Easy Premium Saver

Paying premiums while earning interest has never been simpler. Easy Premium Saver enables you to pay a single lump sum that earns interest to fund other Chubb Life insurance policy premiums or meet financial needs as they may arise.

Golden Touch Premier Saver

A plan to realize your various savings goals.


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