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Stay Flexible in Times of Uncertainty

At times of uncertainty, you need a smart investment strategy. You need the right tool to help you accumulate wealth within an expected timeframe, yet still offer flexibility on the use of assets.

Chubb Smart Endowment Plan (“Chubb Smart”), is a participating life insurance plan that provides you guaranteed and non-guaranteed Cash Value. Chubb Smart is denominated in US dollars. With 2 premium payments, your wealth accumulates to give you competitive return upon Policy maturity in 5 years. It has 5 key features that make this life insurance plan a right choice for you:

Why Chubb Smart?

Total return of up to 3.5% per annum at Policy maturity
  • To enjoy the benefits of Chubb Smart, you only need to pay Premiums for 2 years. When your Policy matures (i.e., on the 5th Policy Anniversary), Chubb Smart will offer a guaranteed return of up to 105.1% of the total Premiums paid, which is equivalent to a guaranteed return rate of up to 1% per annum, provided that the Premium for the 2nd Policy Year is prepaid and the discount on the Premium payable for the 2nd Policy Year has been obtained.
  • In addition, this plan will pay a lump sum of non-guaranteed Maturity Dividend upon maturity for extra potential returns.

Prepayment option 

  • If you choose to prepay the Premium for the 2nd Policy Year at Policy inception, we will offer a 4.0% discount on the Premium payable for the 2nd Policy Year. The prepaid Premium will be deposited in a non-interest bearing Premium Deposit Account (“PDA”). At the 1st Policy Anniversary, we will automatically use the balance of the PDA to settle the 2nd Policy Year’s Premium.

Early breakeven year offers greater peace of mind

  • By the end of the 3rd Policy Year, the guaranteed Cash Value equals 100% of total Premiums paid.

Extra protection for your loved ones

  • With just 2 years of Premium payment, 5 years of life protection will be provided for the Insured as well.
  • Death Benefit: if the Insured passes away during the Policy term, Chubb Smart will provide life protection with Death Benefit as below:
    • Issue age of the Insured - 60 or below:
      Death benefit at the death of the Insured: The higher of (i) 105% of Total Basic Premiums Paid or (ii) guaranteed Cash Value
    • Issue age of the Insured – over 60:
      Death benefit at the death of the Insured: The higher of (i) 101% of Total Basic Premiums Paid or (ii) guaranteed Cash Value
  • Accidental Death Benefit: to give you greater peace of mind, an additional Accidental Death Benefit on top of the Death Benefit will be offered. If the issue Age of an Insured is between 18 and 60 and this Insured passes away solely and directly because of an Injury within 12 months from the date of such Injury, an Accidental Death Benefit equivalent to 30% of the Total Basic Premiums Paid at the Insured’s death will be payable, subject to a maximum of US$30,000

Easy Application without Medical Examination

  • Application for Chubb Smart is simple. Medical examination is not required so you can start saving at any time.

Product Brochure

Regulatory Disclosure

This webpage is for general reference only and should not be regarded as professional advice, recommendation and it is not part of the policy. It provides an overview of the key features of the product and should be read along with other materials which cover additional information about the product. Such materials include, but not limited to, product brochure that contains key product risks, policy provisions that contain exact terms and conditions, benefit illustrations (if any) and other policy documents and other relevant marketing materials, which are all available upon request. You might also consider seeking independent professional advice if needed.

The above information shall not be construed as an offer to sell, solicitation or persuasion to buy or provision of any of our products outside Hong Kong. For further information, please contact your Chubb Life Hong Kong Insurance Consultant or call our Customer Service Center Hotline at (852) 2894 9833.

The “Chubb Life Hong Kong”, “Company”, “we”, or “our” herein refers to Chubb Life Insurance Hong Kong Limited.

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