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Create differentiation to drive wider awareness

Support talent acquisition and retention

Drive loyalty among employees and customers

For businesses and member organisations, providing additional benefits and added-value solutions is a great way of building and maintaining a loyal employee or membership-base. Our flexible approach backed by a digitised customer experience means protection is just a click or two away.

Peace of mind for individuals and families

By combining great products with a slick customer experience, we deliver solutions that fit with hectic lifestyles and adventurous minds.

When it comes to travel risks, it’s not just about high-profile incidents and catastrophic events. Delays, medical issues, traffic accidents, public transport incidents and petty crime are much more common and can ruin your holiday. With leisure travel insurance from Chubb, you’re in safe hands

Personal accident insurance provides financial protection following an accident. We can protect the whole family 24 hours a day and cover provides peace of mind when you need it most, helping you meet your financial commitments.

As well as leading cover, we also provide a range of value-add services:

24 hour icon claims icon  counselling icon

 24/7 emergency assistance helpline

Claims handled quickly and efficiently through our online claims portal

Rehabilitation, retraining, counselling and bereavement services

Building successful, long-term partnerships can bring significant benefits for employees, members and your business

  • Comprehensive cover from a leading insurer
  • Peace of mind at no additional cost, depending on the model
  • Great customer service putting you first
  • Hassle-free claims journey
  • Digital end-to-end customer experience
  • Drive and maintain a loyal workforce or member-base
  • Help with your talent acquisition programmes
  • Get ongoing support through implementation to launch with ongoing account management including marketing and new product ideation
  • Integrate seamlessly with existing technology thanks to our Chubb Studio

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