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Business Class Travel Assistance

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Chubb Business Class policyholders have access to a range of specialist assistance services, helping ensure safe, smart business travel. From pre-travel advice through to a dedicated worldwide 24/7 telephone service for medical and security assistance, business travellers are never more than a phone call away from expert help and advice.



Accessing Business Class Assistance

To access specialist medical and security assistance, policyholders should call the Chubb emergency assistance helpline:

+44 20 7173 7796

  • Option 1 - for medical emergency, travel assistance while abroad or pre-travel medical or visa advice
  • Option 2 - for counselling services, bereavement advice, legal or tax advice, or medical or State Benefit advice
  • Option 3 - for pre-travel security advice, or security advice while travelling 



Partnering with experts

Medical assistance – Charles Taylor Assistance

  • Dedicated team available 24/7
  • Service and support available in multiple languages
  • Experts in evacuation or repatriation transfers by road, air, sea or rail
  • Highly qualified teams of doctors and nurses, all trained in aero-medical care
  • Directional care to a suitable medical facility worldwide
  • Tele-conference with qualified doctors for immediate advice
  • 24/7 support to arrange new flights, hotel accommodation and road transfers worldwide
  • Specialist mental health, counselling and bereavement advice
  • Fully managed claims process
  • Pre-travel guidance and advice around availability of destination medical facilities

Security assistance – Crisis24

  • 24/7 hotline for safety and security advice
  • Advice and guidance updated real-time by impartial security analysis
  • Specialist travel expertise, including for terrorism, kidnap and cultural threats
  • Crisis support specialists to manage emergency situations and evacuations
  • Guidance around pre-travel security concerns
  • Register for intelligence alerts and daily briefings
  • Optional dedicated, in-depth travel safety briefings available
  • Country information to enable smarter travel

For more information, visit Chubb’s dedicated Crisis24 portal


Chubb Travel Smart
Chubb Travel Smart

Our award-winning Chubb Travel Smart app and desktop dashboard is the all in one business travel solution. It can help Risk and Insurance Managers with their duty of care obligations through:

  • A handy smartphone app for travelling employees providing easy access to medical and security assistance, live location-based alerts and useful country information
  • Integrated pre-travel eLearning, including videos and competency testing for travelling employees on topics such as terrorism, health risks, travel preparation and cyber safety
  • Dedicated online dashboard for risk, HR and insurance managers, providing real-time information on travelling employees, including their location and whether they are travelling in high risk areas
  • Alerts and notifications sent directly to employees to help them stay one step ahead of the risks and alter their travel plans accordingly

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