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HealthTech – specialist protection for growing health technology.

The HealthTech sector sits at the intersection of healthcare delivery, life science, and technology sectors. The blending of exposures creates new risks which requires specialist insurance to ensure there are no gaps in cover, even in claims where there are multiple types of injury.

Chubb’s new HealthTech insurance product is tailored to the needs of the sector, which builds upon our Technology and Life Sciences teams’ experience underwriting this business. It has been designed specifically to meet the needs of those in this innovative sector and provides a range of cover in one flexible package that can be arranged online in just a few clicks.


Offering you protection and knowledge across the HealthTech spectrum

Who we insure:

  • Medical Imaging and Diagnostic Software
  • Data Collection and Analytic Platforms
  • Remote Monitoring, Software & Devices, Wearables & Biosensors
  • Clinical Decision Support Systems
  • Healthcare Apps and IoT
  • Telehealth Software
  • Medial Research & Drug Discovery Support Tools

What it covers:

Our HealthTech insurance offering has been designed to cover a range of 1st and 3rd party exposures. These coverages have been integrated together to ensure that even in claims with multiple types of injuries and causes it reduces potential for gaps between the covers and our policy design follows the injury suffered, avoiding confusion on which cover responds in the event of a claim.

It is available as a modular package that can grow as the business risks change.

Our product can cover:

  • 1st and 3rd party Cyber
  • Property Damage and Business Interruption including Specialist equipment and prototypes
  • Cyber Bodily Injury
  • Professional Indemnity for tangible and intangible products and services
  • Intellectual Property
  • Grievance Liability
Why Chubb?
Why Chubb?

We understand the HealthTech industry – and care about your business

Whether your business is a nimble start-up or established firm, Chubb is there for you. Our breadth of experience in HealthTech insurance means we will provide the guidance and service you need, whenever you need it


Award-winning claims service
Our claims teams across the globe aim to provide the highest level of expertise as well as consistency of approach throughout the life of a claim. We handle all claims in-house and clients have a single loss adjuster to liaise with throughout the process.  Our claims philosophy is built upon providing vital, efficient and professional support for our customers at their time of need.

Creative problem-solving
Insurance isn’t one-size-fits-all – and neither is our approach. Our playbook is constantly evolving because we’re always helping clients avoid risk in smarter ways. That means we bring the latest thinking and a fresh perspective to solving your challenges.

We offer expert risk engineering services
We have a strong team of highly experienced risk engineers focused exclusively on helping HealthTech companies identify, mitigate and control physical, cyber and workplace risk.


How we can support our brokers

Hear more from Victoria D’Silva, UK&I Life Science Practice Leader and Alex Smith, Technology Practice Manager – UK & Ireland.

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Watch our exclusive interview with InsureTV and Alex Forrest, Head of Middle Market and Industry Practices, Chubb Overseas General.

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HealthTech sits at the intersection of technology and life science. The use of technology in healthcare creates new exposures which requires cover for product, service or software failures which results in financial or bodily injury. HealthTech can refer to a broad range of applications and businesses, for Chubb, HealthTech refers to businesses that provide technology solutions, products and services for the healthcare and life sciences industries.

HealthTech is best summarised as those who provide technology solutions, products and services for the healthcare and life sciences industries. Our appetite includes technology used to protect humans and animals from disease or death. It can be used for the diagnosis, treatment or monitoring of a particular, or range of, known or unknown medical conditions; recording, analyzing, responding and/or reacting to, or presenting medical information. Segments such as Medical Imaging and Diagnostic Software, Telehealth Software, Data Collection and Analytic Platforms, Clinical Decision Support Systems, Remote Monitoring Software and Devices, Wearables and Biosensors, Healthcare Apps and Medical Research and Drug Discovery Support Tools.

The product provides cover for bodily injury and financial injury from products and services, there is an element of incidental healthcare but this is not intended to be a medmal policy. We do not have appetite for organisations with a clear Healthcare footprint.

Have a question?
Have a question?

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Victoria D’Silva
UK&I Life Science Practice Leader