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Premium quality classic car insurance and vintage car insurance. Chubb have been voted number one for quality of claims by The Insurance Times UK broker survey 2021-22.

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Whether you drive a restored Jaguar E-Type or a perfectly preserved Ferrari 250 GTO, we understand how much your car can mean to you.

Our classic car insurance is about more than just getting you and your car back on the road – it’s about maintaining what’s classic about your car. No detail is too small. No expense spared.

Key policy highlights:

  • Original parts only
  • Your car’s value agreed up front
  • Up to 125% of the agreed value for restoration

An exceptional standard of classic car insurance cover

Our claims team has been voted number one for quality of claims by The Insurance Times UK broker survey for the last two years.

A meticulous service delivered by specialists we find, or you choose

A classic car requires a specialist repair. We trust whoever you trust is best to undertake repairs to your car, even if this means sending your car overseas. But if you do need a suggestion, we only recommend reputable centres that repair to our own high standards.

We use original manufacturer parts

We know authenticity is integral to the value of your classic car. That’s why we source original equipment manufacturer parts, wherever possible.

Your car’s value assured – giving you the option to restore

Whether due to rarity or sentimental value, we understand replacing your classic car may not always be an option. That’s why, when you agree your car’s value up front, we will pay up to 125% of your car’s value to restore it back to its condition before the covered accident (up to £100,000 above the agreed value). If it isn’t possible to restore your car, we’ll pay you the full sum insured with no excess, regardless of its age or mileage during the policy period.

Protecting the documents that give your car value

We appreciate that the documentation you have for your classic vehicle can be key to its value. We cover up to 5% of the total value of your vehicle to help replacedocuments that are lost or destroyed (up to a maximum £50,000.)

Motor testimonial
"Following a major collision, Chubb restored my 1968 classic racing car to its former original condition without hesitation. Certainly, not many insurers would have done that for me."
London, UK

Benefits at a glance

  • Agreed Value coverage for total loss, with no deductible or depreciation, regardless of vehicle age or mileage
  • Comprehensive cover for any driver over 30 years of age
  • The option to replace or restore
  • Use of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts where possible
  • Diminution in value coverage
  • Documentation cover
  • Event cancellation cover
  • Comprehensive motor vehicle liability insurance
  • Choice of repair garage or one of our elite facilities
  • Premium discounts when you insure more than one vehicle
  • European breakdown cover
  • Legal expenses cover, up to £100,000
  • Glass replacement cover
  • Vehicle accessories and tools cover
  • Theft/damage to a vehicles audio/visual equipment

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Classic car brochure

Classic car insurance brochure

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