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Specialist car insurance

Award winning specialist insurance for lovers of fine cars

Our Car Insurance

Get a specialist car insurance quote and be confident you have the best protection for car enthusiasts.

Why Choose Chubb
Why Choose Chubb

Expert insurers of your most valued possessions

Protection for your most valued possessions in one easy, convenient place.

We look for ways to say yes

We are committed to resolving your claims and getting you back up and running in days, not months.


We look for ways to do more

You will receive personalised, one-on-one service, and we will proactively work with you to help protect all that is important.


Our promise

You get comprehensive, not patchwork protection.


Our exceptional service

You get a proactive partner to help prevent issues from happening in the first place.


Is your garage storing up trouble for your classic vehicles?

The right storage conditions are critical to maintaining and preserving rare, classic and luxury cars.

Why passion investing is not for the faint-hearted

Discover the changing world of passion investments, from vintage valuables to contemporary collections and why there’s more than just a return at stake.

How to safeguard your vehicle against theft

If you want to protect your car, then vehicle tracking systems are one of the most effective security measures you can buy. Learn some of the most common tracker-associated pitfalls and how to avoid them.


Fuelling your passion for driving

We are delighted to partner with automotive presenter, writer, and content creator James Walker, aka Mr JWW. From road trips to exclusive events, find out more about our exciting partnership!

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Start a quote

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