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Protection for your most valued possessions in one easy, convenient place.

Products & Services

Appraisal service

The Chubb home appraisal service is a key reason why owners of fine homes around the world choose us.

High value home and contents insurance

High Value Home and Contents insurance from a company with over a century of experience providing insurance cover for family homes worth over £500,000 for large estates and the valuable items within them.

Jewellery and fine art

As one of the world's largest providers of jewellery and fine art insurance, you can count on our unparalleled service and expertise, offering some of the broadest protection available.

Specialist car insurance

Number one for quality cover and claims. A seamless meticulous experience from Chubb claims experts from your cars replacement rental to repair.


Is your garage storing up trouble for your classic vehicles?

The right storage conditions are critical to maintaining and preserving rare, classic and luxury cars.

Having your home properly appraised

One of the most effective ways to tackle under-insurance of your home is with a physical appraisal of the property and contents.

Why we’re so invested in Chanel

As demand for rare and vintage luxury handbags reaches new heights, we take a look at the story of Chanel and her rise from poverty to Haute Couture.

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