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As one of the world's largest providers of jewellery and fine art insurance, you can count on our unparalleled service and expertise, offering some of the broadest protection available.

Why choose Chubb?

For expertly tailored jewellery and fine art insurance, look no further than Chubb. Our home owners insurance will cover your high value jewellery if stolen, lost or broken. If underinsurance is discovered at the time of a covered loss and you have valuation(s) no more than 2 years old we will pay up to the total value of the Jewellery covered on your policy. If you purchase our fine art insurance, we will pay up to £5,000,000 more than the agreed value of your specified fine art(s) if underinsurance is discovered at the time of a covered loss and you have valuation(s) no more than 3 years old.

Key benefits of our jewellery insurance


If you make a claim:

You have automatic worldwide cover for all risks, with almost no restrictive conditions. This includes accidental loss or damage, even when travelling.


If your jewellery is lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair:

We will cover as much as 25% of the total specified sum of your new purchase immediately for 60 days, up to £250k. Our agreed value for specified items gives you certainty about what you will receive. You can also receive a lower premium rate for specified jewellery.


If you lose part of a pair or set:

We will pay the full agreed value of the entire set.


If your jewellery loses value when damaged:

We will compensate you for any loss in its agreed value due to the claim.


If you buy a new piece:

We will cover as much as 25% of the total specified sum of your new purchase immediately for 60 days, up to £250k



Key benefits of our art insurance

Agreed Value:

If there is no such valuation in existence, we will still pay the agreed value. No excess will apply if art is lost or stolen.


Repairs after a loss:

If a piece of art is repaired following a loss and its value has reduced, we will reimburse you for the depreciation.


Newly purchased art:

If you are a Signature insured client you are automatically covered for up to £5,000,000 and you have up to 90 days to tell us about the purchase(s).


Legal costs:

If you are a signature client we will pay you up to £500k for the reasonable legal costs you may incur due to claims made against you for defective or lack of title to an item of art, which you were not aware of when it was purchased. 


Unspecified art cover:

Under Chubb’s unspecified art cover, you can collectively cover items with an individual value of no more than £100k without needing to specify them separately.



The maximum amount we will pay depends on the level of cover purchased.  Examples of limits in this article are based on our Signature level cover.

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For more information on our home, contents, and valuables insurance offering download our brochure.

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Disclaimer: All content in this material is for general information purposes only. It does not constitute personal advice or a recommendation to any individual or business of any product or service. Please refer to the policy documentation issued for full terms and conditions of coverage.

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