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Europe, Middle East and Africa Management Team


Chubb is fully committed to inclusion and diversity in all aspects of our business, including our Board.  We believe that a variety of perspectives, opinions and backgrounds among the members of the Board is critical to the Board’s ability to perform its duties and various roles. We strive to maintain, and we encourage, diversity of thought among Board members, which makes the body as a whole more effective.

Appointment to the Board is based on an assessment of a wide range of factors including skills, qualifications, experience, professional reputation, diversity and collegiality, taking into account the need to ensure a collective richness of background, experience and ways of thinking. 

The Board recognizes that its diversity will drive a culture of openness, freedom to challenge and ultimately lead to more thoughtful decision-making and strategy-setting.  The Board expects this culture of inclusion and diversity to permeate the organisation.

David Furby

Regional President
Europe, Middle East and Africa

Sara Mitchell

Division President
Continental Europe, Middle East and North Africa

Mark Roberts

Division President
United Kingdom, Ireland and South Africa

Robert Wilson

Chief Underwriting Officer
Chubb Global Markets and Active Underwriter of Chubb's Lloyd's Syndicate 2488

Chris Eappariello

President, Consumer Lines
Europe, Middle East and Africa

Wayne Ashley

Division President
Chubb Tempest Re International

John Latter

Senior Vice President Claims Director
Europe, Middle East and Africa

Denis Whelan

General Counsel
Europe, Middle East and Africa

Scott Lawlis

Chief Financial Officer
Europe, Middle East and Africa

Wayne Price

Regional Chief Operations Officer
Europe, Middle East and Africa

Kate Richards

Senior Vice President for Human Resources
Europe, Middle East and Africa

Tine Thorsen

Director for Marketing and Communications
Europe, Middle East and Africa