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Construction and Engineering

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Insurance for construction and engineering firms, as well as other industries for their plant and machinery

We know construction firms face increasingly complex and evolving risks due to continuous expansion and technological innovation. We provide specialised coverage, design a robust risk management programme, and help you develop your safety culture – whether you’re an individual contractor or a business owner of a project during construction.

Power generators and other industrial and manufacturing companies also face increasingly challenging and complex risks in an ever-changing sector. These industries rely on fully functioning and reliable plant and machinery to enable them to fulfil their business and customer’s needs.

Chubb understands the needs of operational power clients, offering full Property All Risks cover including Machinery Breakdown. In addition to power, other industries often see Machinery Breakdown excluded from Property All Risks insurance policies - for which we offer supremely reliable cover for your business critical equipment

Our experienced underwriters and engineers are well versed with the needs of the power industry and the risks and dynamics facing generators and the industry in general. We are market leaders in this specific field of expertise and our products and services will protect your business for the long-term. 


We provide trusted construction and engineering insurance expertise across many sectors and project types in the industry


Contractors All Risks (CAR):

  • Commercial and industrial building construction
  • Residential construction
  • Commercial and light industrial buildings - offices, hotels, schools, factories, retail etc.
  • Residential housing - houses / apartments blocks, student accommodation etc.
  • Major civil infrastructure projects including - bridges, tunnels, roads, rail, light rail, pipelines etc.


Erection All Risks (EAR):

  • Power
  • Renewable and alternative energy including wind, solar, energy from waste biomass, battery storage and anaerobic digestion / biogas
  • Oil and gas including chemical and petrochemical
  • Mineral processing
  • Light and heavy industries including  pharmaceutical, steel, aluminium, cement etc.


Operational power:

All Risks (including Machinery Breakdown) Property cover for the plant and equipment and associated property within the generating industry.

This includes:
Gas fired or combined cycle gas turbines, steam turbines, diesels, as well as renewable and alternative energy including;  wind, solar, battery storage, energy from waste,  anaerobic digestion and biomass

Boiler and machinery:

Plant and machinery for industrial sectors such as factories, cement plants, motor manufacturers, steel works. Cover includes

Physical breakdown of machinery and equipment
When key items of machinery stop working, it’s a major business interruption for manufacturing companies. This cover is often excluded from property all-risks insurance policies

Boiler explosion
A factory boiler explosion might wreck the boiler but could also damage the manufacturing firm’s premises as well as surrounding third-party property – with huge material, financial and liability loss. This protection is also frequently excluded from property insurance plans

Air conditioning failure
The failure or malfunction of the air conditioning system in an office may make it too hot (or cold) for a company to stay open safely

Lifts breaking down
In large multistorey office buildings and hotels, lifts breaking down could rapidly bring the business to a halt

We offer the construction and engineering insurance products you need – and the service you deserve. 


Find your ideal construction business insurance

Construction All Risks - Builders Risk

Construction insurance intelligently tailored for the industry’s changing challenges.

Engineering - Boiler and Machinery

Our equipment cover ensures your business is well protected against breakdowns.


We understand construction – and care about your company

Global reach, local expertise – for everyone
Whether your business is big or small, takes you around the world or just around town, Chubb is here for you. Our breadth of experience in construction business insurance means we can provide the guidance and service you need, whenever you need it, wherever you may be.

Partnership that’s personal
We work to understand your business and where you’re headed so we can be proactive about meeting your needs. We invest in getting to know you, your team, and your customers. The goal: to help you see ahead, be ahead, and stay ahead.

Creative problem-solving
Insurance isn’t one-size-fits-all – and neither is our approach. Our playbook is always evolving because we’re always helping clients avoid risk in smarter ways. That means we bring the latest thinking and a fresh perspective to solving your challenges.

Unmatched expertise and financial strength
We’ve served clients and partnered with leading organisations for more than 200 years. Our longevity, expertise, and financial strength are the bedrock of our business.

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