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Major Accounts

Multinationals: Sophisticated Protection In A Complex World

Multinationals face greater risks than ever, not just traditional Property and Casualty but more diverse areas like directors and officers liability, business travel, environmental damage and terrorist incidents. Add the complexity of managing numerous country-specific regulations, Chubb’s support for multinationals and their brokers when choosing the right cover has never been more valuable.

At Chubb, we understand the challenges that complex, interconnected risks present for today's large and multinational organisations. We’ve been providing globally co-ordinated, locally flexible insurance solutions for large organisations and their brokers for three decades.

We've taken the next natural step in our evolution and raised the bar in every way with the creation of our major accounts division – a team that focuses our worldwide underwriting, service and claims capabilities exclusively on large organisations with complex risks.

From traditional P&C and A&H risks to emerging threats related to environmental concerns, cyber attacks, terrorism and political violence, our major accounts team works in tandem with you and your broker to help manage your entire insurance programme more efficiently, more transparently and more cost effectively.

Led by senior Chubb executives and staffed with professionals at the top of their fields, Chubb major accounts brings best-in-class service, dedicated client and claims relationship management, the power of our unique global network, plus our intuitive Worldview® technology, together in one integrated package.

And we do so in a way that ensures a straightforward and streamlined experience for you at all points.

Solutions Where You Are, Wherever That May Be We have extensive operations in 54 countries and territories, and a network that spans 200+ countries – all performing under exacting measured and published service standards. Combined with our product breadth and financial strength, this means we can help you manage risk anywhere in the world with confidence. In fact, the more complex your exposures, the more valuable our capabilities.

Enhanced Service

Client Relationship Management: Easier For You Companies and risk managers today face an increasingly complex array of risks. But for organisations that span geographies, those risks are interconnected and magnified.

Our goal is to make managing your insurance programme as easy as possible, and we structured the division that way. Our global, multidisciplinary network is dedicated to providing you, your team and your broker with comprehensive support in all areas of your programme, at all times. It’s a complete approach that spans borders, lines of business and service areas seamlessly. There’s nothing easy about managing a global insurance programme. We just make it easier for you.

Claims Relationship Management: Coordinated, Real Time And Responsive Much of what you’ll find in our major accounts segment stems from our ongoing dialogue with clients and their brokers. That’s especially true when it comes to claims. Our claims relationship management for multinational companies is now coordinated by senior claims executives at home and abroad. It’s staffed by seasoned claims professionals locally, and supported by consistent protocols and processes globally. We put the dialogue on claims where it should be – at the heart of the client relationship, throughout the lifecycle of the insurance contract. And when a claim occurs – wherever it occurs – we’ll manage it consistently and accurately, and we’ll resolve it efficiently.

Global Service: Published Standards, Transparency and Accountability Our major accounts service team ensures timely and consistent administration of your programme.  With leading-edge technology and our expansive network, we manage globally and execute locally. We adhere to demanding performance and delivery standards, so your Chubb experience will always be superior – and consistent – in terms of quality, accuracy and efficiency.

Legal And Regulatory Monitoring: Local Knowledge Drives Compliance In today's ever-changing regulatory climate, your insurance partners simply must understand local rules and customs. Our international, multidisciplinary teams have you covered. With local experts around the world, we stay on top of evolving legal and regulatory conditions in real time, so you can always be aware of the requirements that affect your programme, regardless of geography.

Worldview®: Powerful, Comprehensive And Transparent Worldview®, our unique and award-winning web-based platform, puts the status of your entire insurance programme at your teams fingertips – in real time. Your team can view programme and claims updates, get copies of local policies and certificates, and even access the proprietary research tools our underwriters, account managers, claims teams and legal staff use every day.

That’s just a small sample of what Worldview® can do. You can configure it to give you what you want, when you want it – from e-mail alerts when something happens to a range of custom reports. In short, it’s the most powerful, effective and transparent tool of its kind in the industry, and it’s available exclusively to Chubb clients and their brokers.

A Superior Alternative Chubb major accounts provides a co-ordinated approach to managing the wide range of risks facing large, sophisticated businesses. It puts the power of our entire global organisation at your side.




For three decades, Chubb has been helping multinational companies manage risk around the world. As well as building our geographic reach we have invested in delivering a superb service to our customers, such as our major accounts team, wide product array, underwriting expertise and claims resolution ability.

This is of course backed up by a top rated balance sheet to make us the premier client-oriented insurer for multinational companies.

Property And Casualty As a global provider of commercial property and casualty insurance, Chubb puts an international network of underwriting, claims and risk control professionals to work, helping businesses reduce risk and mitigate loss. We also advise on protection and hazard topics and provide tailored engineering services.

Specialty Cover With our global footprint and our understanding of local market requirements, we provide tailored solutions that other insurers cannot. Practice areas include professional risk, financial lines, terrorism and political violence, environmental impairment, aviation, energy and many others.

Accident And Health Unlike most insurers, Chubb views accident and health as a core business, and we underwrite it everywhere we operate. We cover the risks attendant to the employer-employee relationship with unique insight, knowledge of local market practices and expectations, and the global network to deliver our expertise in a cost-effective and compliant way. Large multinational organisations can secure personal accident and business travel cover for their employees worldwide.

The Right Team To Manage Your Global Risks Our dedicated major accounts teams work around the world to implement your global programme, manage the infrastructure, coordinate among offices and make sure that developments in technology keep pace with those in the business world.

We can also provide a dedicated Client Executive, depending on the size and scale of your Chubb relationship, to bring decades of experience and deep industry knowledge to the issues you face, and to serve as your single point of contact throughout Chubb.

As your international business expands, and your risk and complexity increase, the logic of accessing Chubb’s multinational experience and resources becomes ever clearer. If you manage risk, people or both at a large multinational organisation, we invite you to talk to us about how our team can support you.

The Bigger Picture

Claims - The Bigger Picture

Watch how Chubb's people deliver on their promises, are responsive to clients' needs and have a 'can do' attitude to customers' individual requests.

Latest Financial Highlights

Chubb is rated consistently amongst the highest for financial strength : AA from Standard & Poor’s and A++ from A.M. Best

Managing Business Travel Risk

For a benefits manager of a multinational company one of the most difficult challenges to manage effectively and sensitively is when an employee becomes sick or injured abroad.

Client Executive Practice was established in 2010 to bring Chubb’s larger and more sophisticated clients and distribution partners a single point of contact that enhances Chubb’s ability to respond to their needs on a global multi-line basis.

The practice was launched by Chubb’s senior leadership team after carefully considering direct client and broker feedback, and has deployed Client Executives across North America, Latin America, the UK, Europe and Asia. It is a key component of Chubb’s investment in multinational client satisfaction, and forms the basis of our major accounts segment.

Mutually agreed performance measures will be established to reflect each client’s requirements. Regular performance touch points with the client will help ensure appropriate and timely service delivery. This new capability is provided to specific clients at their discretion and in a manner that fits their preferences.


Benefits For Clients:


Highly Experienced Team:  A qualifying client selects a Client Executive who will be dedicated exclusively to servicing a limited number of Chubb’s highly valued multinational clients. These individuals are carefully selected by Chubb for their varied client-focused insurance perspectives and will be located close to clients around the globe.

Understanding Clients' Needs: Acting as a full-­time client resource, the Client Executive seeks a deep understanding of each client’s business; what makes the client’s business unique and how the client measures success. Client knowledge development is achieved through an in-depth study of the client’s business and regular ongoing communication with the client and broker.

Customised Solution Development: Customised product and service solutions developed in response to client needs is co-ordinated on the clients and brokers behalf. The Client Executive pulls together the entire Chubb client team to ensure that all internal points of view are understood and well co-ordinated.

Consistency of Process: A systematic process approach was taken while building the Client Executive operating platform. The goal is to promote consistency of Chubb’s client product and service delivery across the globe.

Client-Centric Performance Measurement: Performance standards for Chubb are mutually agreed by the client and Chubb. Performance measurement is achieved through specially developed Chubb capabilities to ensure timely and complete product and service delivery. Periodic performance touch points with the client and broker are designed to ensure that Chubb is meeting expectations. Clients will also be approached directly by the practice leader – and electronically – for feedback on performance and effectiveness of their Client Executive performance.


Head of Client Management, UK & Ireland


Global Client Executive


Global Client Executive


Global Client Executive


Global Client Executive



Your Claim Is Important To You. That's Why It Is Important To Us


At Chubb we use our expertise and experience to help you identify, mitigate and transfer risks that your business faces. We’ll always strive to exceed your expectations, and you can trust us to build a creative insurance programme that allows your business to succeed.

The way we handle claims is the acid test of our delivery. Our promise to you is that we will:


  • Provide direct access to our claims experts
  • Design multinational programmes with claims as an integral component
  • View each and every claim individually and constructively
  • Deliver the best solution for every situation
  • Handle all claims quickly and seamlessly
  • Communicate at every stage
  • Appoint the right experts worldwide for each situation
  • Ensure consistency in our service – the world over
  • Maintain the ability, financial strength and liquidity to be able to pay claims
  • Never forget the commitment shown to us by clients and brokers


Claims Capability 
Business and life are global; incidents can occur in any part of the world, complicated by culture, legislation and language. Chubb’s strong worldwide network of operations provides the local expertise our clients require. No matter where an incident occurs, we guarantee access to qualified professionals with the expertise needed to achieve the best result. With a wide range of products and extensive reach, Chubb delivers a global claims service consistently, across all lines of business.

Our People
Our claims philosophy is based upon Chubb working as part of your extended risk management team. That’s why our people are such a fundamental part of what we offer. It is why we have Claims Client Relationship Managers, a team bridging the traditional gap between clients, business leaders and claims management teams: a role that anticipates client requirements and delivers a well managed claims programme.

Our Claims Client Relationship Managers champion clients’ requirements throughout the claims process and use their expertise to align Chubb’s services to match clients' bespoke specifications. So if the unexpected does occur, resolutions follow.

Technical Expertise
We are renowned for our technical ability and empower our claims teams to take high-level decisions. In addition, we have long-standing, fruitful relationships with external advisers such as lawyers, risk engineers, loss adjusters and recovery specialists. These quality associates work as part of the claims team to the same exacting standards of service we expect of ourselves.

Transforming Data Into Meaningful Information
Accurate management information is essential for controlling risk. We record claims information swiftly and correctly to enable you to form an accurate picture of losses, understand trends and plan for improvement. We can provide a management information suite that meets the needs of your particular programme. In addition, our web-based claims management system ensures worldwide reporting and trending information is only a click away.


Claims Client Relationship Manager



Claims Client Relationship Manager



Claims Client Relationship Manager





Global Insurance Services & Solutions for the UK from Chubb offer unrivalled protection for multinationals.

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