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Travel insurance made easy: Yettel Bulgaria’s.


Pay As You Roam travel insurance

Yettel Bulgaria is a telecommunication company that connects over 3 million customers to people, devices, and businesses.1  It is part of PPF Telecom Group that operates in Bulgaria, Chechia, Hungary, Serbia and Slovakia. Yettel Bulgaria was formerly known as Telenor Bulgaria until 2022.

In June 2020, Yettel, one of Bulgaria's leading mobile operators, became the first telecommunication company to offer Chubb's Pay As You Roam travel insurance product, marketed by Yettel Bulgaria as "Smart Tourist".




Yettel Bulgaria decided to provide a digital solution that meets the needs of its customers who travel abroad frequently


Yettel Bulgaria became the first mobile operator in Bulgaria to offer insurance for traveling abroad. The insurance can be managed quickly and conveniently through their mobile App.

The number of visitors from abroad to Bulgaria rose 60.3% year-on-year to 762.000 in December 2022.2

However, not only inbound tourism is growing in Bulgaria; outbound tourism is also increasing. Over 616.000 outbound trips from Bulgaria were made for holidays, leisure, or other recreational purposes in 2018.3  The top three destinations for Bulgarian tourists abroad were Greece, Turkey, and Romania in 2018.4

Therefore, Yettel Bulgaria decided to provide a digital solution that meets the needs of its customers who travel abroad frequently and want to have peace of mind during their trips. The service provides a fully digital customer journey and service management via Yettel application which makes the product really easy, convenient, and flexible to operate with.



The ‘Smart tourist’ digital solution by Yettel Bulgaria.


The insurance is activated automatically when the customer’s mobile number is detected in roaming and connects to a mobile network abroad. From this moment on, customers can choose to refuse the coverage for the respective trip or add up to 10 co-travelers to insure. The data can also be added in advance through the Yettel Bulgaria App.

Customers can provide for themselves, their relatives and friends help in case of need of emergency medical services including communicable diseases such as Covid-19, roadside assistance, lost personal belongings or documents, delays, legal costs, and emergency dental care during trips abroad.

There is no activation fee for the insurance, and customers pay a daily premium only for the time they have been abroad with activated insurance coverage. Also, premiums are automatically added, for customers’ convenience, to their next invoice issued by Yettel, after the trip has ended.

Customers can also view their trip history at any time and access all policy information and documents via Yettel App.




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