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Treating Customers Fairly

Chubb is strongly committed to treating its customers fairly in all aspects of its business. We achieve this by adhering to key principles of customer service in our behaviour and interaction with customers and broking partners. In particular, we are committed to:

  • Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) principles: Chubb fully embraces the principles of treating customers fairly (TCF). The practice is central to the Chubb philosophy. We believe that by following the principles laid out by the FCA we will not only be fulfilling our obligations but will demonstrate to our existing and prospective partners and clients that they can have the utmost confidence in Chubb. We believe that the principle of treating customers fairly will have a positive effect not only on Chubb’s customers but also on Chubb itself.
  • Senior management commitment: It is crucial for TCF to be effective. Chubb senior management has taken a lead role in driving both the process and the ethos to determine Chubb’s strategic approach to TCF.
  • A business must conduct itself with integrity: We have published a policy on working with integrity entitled ‘Integrity First’. All staff are required to take a web-based training course to ensure they have studied this comprehensive policy. At the end of the course a test must be undertaken.
  • Systems and controls: Comprehensive controls are in place to ensure regulatory compliance and that the business is managed to the highest standards of integrity. Contract certainty and treating the customer fairly are of the highest priority and are embraced in all parts of the Chubb business.
  • Products: All our products are developed in close consultation with our broking partners and in direct consultation with our key clients via broking and client review panels.
  • Complaints handling: Chubb is committed to handling complaints in a fair, efficient and transparent manner. An agreed complaints procedure is in place. Read more about our complaints procedures and statistics
  • Management information: It is a core principle that financial institutions have the processes in place to produce sensible, credible management information. Chubb has the processes and systems in place to be able to deliver management information around agreed criteria.