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Our claims stories

Achieving excellence in claims management

Our Approach

Setting a standard, delivering beyond

We understand that the handling of every claim is the most critical test of our service, our support and our reputation.

When it comes to making a claim, Chubb will do everything to minimise the disruption, uncertainty or even the anxiety for individuals and businesses.





Latest stories

Public Liability

Supporting the local farming community

Expert support for a group of farmers in a complex case involving a collapsed wind turbine

Personal possessions

Dishonesty unveiled by a caring approach

Chubb's thorough investigation exposed a jewellery theft of the customer's high value item

Environmental liability

Stuck, but not for long…

The customer avoided a substantial environmental claim due to the diligence of the Chubb claims handler





Further stories

D&O liability

Mitigating against a tough ruling 

The Chubb claims handler helped to mediate a settlement for employee discrimination


Burnt down, but not out

Following a fire, business interruption was reduced to just 30 days due to the action of the Chubb claims handler

Professional indemnity

Valuing the relationship, not just the premium

Chubb supported the customer when they were threatened with significant loss of revenue



Accident & Health

The chequered flag, before the event...

The Chubb claims handler took swift action to rebook a supercar event cancellation


A bad accident with a compassionate outcome

A forklift accident led to a double leg amputation but Chubb went the extra mile to support rehabilitation

Professional indemnity

Fraud from within...

A financial claim against a former employee saw the customer's claim settled in just 4 months



Personal possessions

Two heads better than one 

Collaboration with the Special Investigations Unit achieved a positive outcome for the customer

Personal possessions

It all comes out in the wash

The Chubb claims handler used swift action to ensure a serial claimant withdrew a fraudulent claim

Personal possessions

Once bitten, twice shy

A high-value burglary was found to be a fraudulent claim leading to a jail sentence for the insured



Public liability

A fall from grace

A guest alleged a hotel breached its duty of care after a balcony fall, CCTV footage suggested otherwise


The strength of our global network

Through Chubb's global network, we supported the customer and ensured lawyers acted in their best interests

Public liability

Forging stronger relationships

A successful product liability claim for cracked steel led to a customer renewal of the policy




Looking beyond the façade

Due to the quick appointment of experts, business disruption to a commercial building was minimised following a fire

Technical lines

A human approach by handling a claim

Chubb demonstrated a caring approach to a claim that was causing significant distress to a farming family


Expensing fraudulent financial crime    

Swift action from the Chubb claims handler helped to resolve a financial claim against a former employee





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