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Chubb Studio®: Technology to power our partnerships

The seamless, secure, and scalable engine behind new possibilities for your company and customers

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Ready to go
Ready to go

Chubb’s in-house technology makes it easy to integrate what we do into your customer experience

Offering insurance is not just beneficial for your business, it’s also easy to execute. Chubb Studio® is how we make that possible.

How easy is it? Set up our powerful yet simple API in a matter of hours, completely customizable to your needs, and start selling in a matter of days. No additional tech investment required.

No matter how insurance fits into your customer journey, Chubb’s technology handles the entire process from quote to sale to claim. Car, home, life, travel, you name it. And in any country or language, too. All through a single API. Plus, it’s safe, stable, and secure.

Once you see what Chubb Studio® can do, you’ll understand what we mean by insurance for the new possible. Request a demo and start thinking about your possibilities.

10+ million
digital quotes issued per day ¹
15+ million
monthly claims managed digitally ¹
2+ million
API calls per month ¹
Tech lead engineers globally
¹ Worldwide

Get to know the people behind our tech

Rodrigo Valiente

Digital Head, Latin America

Marcus Giles

Head of Distribution, Consumer Lines, Asia Pacific

Casey Kempton    

Head of Digital, North America

Amy McNeece 

SVP Digital Consumer Partnerships North America

Gabriel Lazaro

Head of Digital, Chubb Overseas General

Alix Farque

Head of Consumer Propositions, EMEA.


Why Chubb?

Combine our partnership experience, cutting-edge Chubb Studio®  technology, and long history in the insurance industry, and you’ve got a recipe for staying a step ahead of your customers' needs — and your competitors.

We know your world

Digital moves swiftly. We’re set up to keep pace, and our global reach means you can offer relevant insurance in new markets as your business expands.

We get you up and running

Get insurance to go, digitally packaged up for you and your customers by the team at Chubb Studio® 

We fulfill your vision

It's our goal to help you achieve your goals, by developing tailored insurance solutions on your terms.

We care about your customers

We take the time to understand your customers so we can help you take better care of your customers, with the right financial protection at the right time.


Ready to partner?

If you’re ready to grow your business with embedded insurance the next steps are easy. Get in touch with us and we’ll show you a demo of how we can enhance your business. We’ll work together to find the best solutions for you and your customers, then have you up and running quickly.

Welcome to Chubb Partnerships

The next steps are easy—just get in touch and we’ll show you how we can enhance what you already do by finding the best insurance solutions for your customers.