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Identifying Environmental Risk

What is Environmental Risk and why is it important? Understand the potential risks and what to do should the worst happen

Environmental Risk Products

We offer a broad range of protection for environmental risks. Understand the products available to protect your clients

Environmental Incident Alert

A complimentary programme to assist insureds contact qualified incident-response contractors, monitor clean-up costs and mitigate the potential liabilities associated with environmental releases.

Meet the team

Our Environmental Risk team have a wealth of experience and technical knowledge. Find out who to contact and how they can help manage your clients’ risks

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Are your clients exposed to environmental risk?

We offer a broad range of environmental risk solutions and can provide expertise, cover and risk appetite for a variety of industries

Multinational Environmental Risk

Multinational companies are under increasing pressure to prove environmental compliance for their operational bases around the world.

In our report, produced in conjunction with Clyde & Co, we explore the changing environmental risk landscape and how traditional risk management techniques could be leaving companies open to damage.