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Embrace Care Critical Illness Plan

Provides comprehensive protection against critical illness as well as features benefiting you and your family.

HealthProtector Hospital & Surgical Plan

A standalone hospital and surgical plan providing lifetime protection with comprehensive coverage and reimbursement of medical expenses incurred from hospitalization due to accidents or illnesses.

Select Top-Up Medical Plan

A stand-alone plan or a rider that provides comprehensive coverage for hospital and surgical fees, with 4 plans available for selection.

Super Care Critical Illness Protector

Standalone Critical Illness plan provides the comprehensive coverage up to 82 specific illnesses (including 65 Major Illnesses and 17 Early Stage and Special Illnesses).

Super Care Early Stage Illness Benefit

Super Care Early Stage Illness Benefit provides financial assistance if the insured is diagnosed with any one of the 120 covered specific illnesses, supporting the insured and his/her loved ones on the road to recovery.

Super Care Multiple Protection Benefit

Super Care Multiple Protection Benefit (the “Rider”) is a rider specially designed for Super Care Critical Illness Protector, providing coverage of up to 4 additional claims on Multiple Protection Major Illnesses to age 85 of the insured on 62 Multiple Protection Major Illnesses.

The One Accident Protector

A basic plan or a rider that allows you to enjoy lifelong protection against unexpected accident at an affordable premium.

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